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WHAT will it take to convince some people that Saddam Hussein is a threat to the world?


A nuclear strike at Israel? Germ warfare attacks on Cyprus? Plague unleashed on the West?


If that’s the evidence they’re waiting for, it will be too late.


The case President Bush put in his State of the Nation address is logical and convincing.


So is the tough stand taken by Tony Blair, who knows of links between Iraq and Al-Q’aida.


But the views of Commons wobblers like Tam Dalyell, Lynne Jones, Diane Abbott and Alex Salmond are plain daft.


When Abbott shouted “Who’s next?” at the Prime Minister, he was quick to say “North Korea.”


And he was right to do so.


The world will not be safe from terrorism until all rogue states that deal in deadly weapons are disarmed.


The Left can’t see that.


But then they’ve been wrong about everything for the past 40 years.






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I'm sure the lefties thought much the same about the invasion of Afghanistan. The friends and relatives of those killed on 11th September probably don't.


Lefties generally have an answer to most things, like give the firemen more money, etc, etc, but who is it that has to pay for it? No them!

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I don't consider myself to be a leftie for a moment, CZ. Light pink perhaps. Anyway, I have a moment or two to respond to your thoughts.


We live in a world where spy satelites can spot the number plate on my car from Outer Space. Where 'they' can listen to me talking to you on our mobile phones. Etc. Etc. So where are these weapons of mass destruction then? I suspect that the two lunatics rather foolishly assumed that Saddam would refuse to allow the U.N. Weapons Inspectors in or would hinder them in some way. Now? Oh Sh*t. We can't find any.


I know said one to the other. Let's demand that we can take any Iraqi scientist that we choose out of the country for a private little chat. Miami. California. Guantanimo Bay, Cuba. Somewhere like that. Then when they all refuse that perfectly reasonable request, we can go in and bomb the b@stards.


Well C.Z. In this country, if the local constabulary want to have a private little chat with you or me, we have the right to have a legal representative present. Don't let Human Rights get in the way, though.


So Tone knows all about the links between Saddam and Al Q'aida, does he? Well that's all right then. Tone has more than shown his ability at dealing with the NHS, Law & Order, Transport, Education, the Economy, the institution of Parliament, immigration, The Dome, his Missus. Look at foreign policy. An uninterrupted catalogue of success. Look at Albania. Bosnia. Serbia. Zimbabwe. Tone sorted all that lot out all right.


If Tone knows all about the the links, we can trust that implicitly. We can rely on him to go in there and sort it out before the week-end in all probability.


Ahh, I hear you say. What about the United Nations? The minor detail of acting under their authority. Ignore it.


Well what about our European Allies, then? France. Germany. What about the rest of the Middle East? Ignore them, too. As Dubbya said last week "You are either with us or against us".


Well C.Z. As you have probably realised, I am not altogether, totally and absolutely, 100% in favour of this lot. I wouldn't want Tone sitting as my local councillor, let alone blindly following Bush and taking this country into a disastrous war.

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A relative of the dead from September 11 -a relative of the dead in Afghanistan. Who's heart bleeds the most? An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind.


USA - Consumer of 25% of the world's oil. How much do they produce themselves? - How much can Iraq potentially produce?


Can we afford to pay firefighters more? I look at the cars parked in the streets of St Albans, the cost of holidays on the tele, gold watches and personalised number plates. Of course we can afford it.


When war does come, lets hope all the right wingers can sleep at night whilst the innocent children of Iraq, who have suffered enough without war, get blown out of their beds. Anyone supporting this war should hold themselves personally responsible for the deaths, injury and grief of thousands of innocent people. People like you and me.


Grow up, pay more tax and think yourself lucky.



Grow up, pay more tax and think yourself lucky.

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Well said Tony,

Just a quick point that I read today about CZ's favourite 'news'paper

"The first graphic result of the 'surgical precision' was the American bombing of the Al-Amiriya bunker in Baghdad in which between 300 and 400 women and children died, most of them burnt to death. The SUN reported this as a fabrication of Iraqi Propaganda 'Saddam Hussein tried to trick the world yesterday' it said 'by saying hundreds of women and children died in a bomb attack on an 'air-raid shelter' "he cunningly arranged TV scenes desgined to shock and appal"...like most of the SUN's war reporting this was FALSE...Six months later the unedited CNN and WTN 'feeds' of footage of the bunker were obtained by the columbia journalism review. They had been censored for transmission in Britain the U.S. and Australia 'They showed scenes of incredible carnage' wrote the reporter who viewed the videotapes. 'nearly all the bodies were charred into blackness; in some cases the heat had been so great that entire limbs had been burnt off. Among the corpses were those of at least 6 babies and 10 children most of them so severely burned their gender could mot be determined.

He goes on to explain that the U.S. must have known this was an air-raid shelter used by women and children because they had monitors and communication satellites watching the area. (this is all taken from John Pilger's book Hidden Agendas)

The Sun really bugs me, a large proportion of their readers seem to take everything they say as gospel, even if its just an unargued ill-informed rant by Richard Littlejohn. Who owns the Sun? - Rupert Murdoch - what does Rupert Murdoch want? lots of wars, terrorism, hatred, and generally misdirected anger. Why? because these are proven to increase circulation, what does increased circulation mean for Ruperts workers? thats right, pay rises - see the connection?

Sorry to go again, but all this is starting to annoy me.

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Errr... just a quick point to AFF, Mr Benn and the Librarian...


AFF - they are not "my thoughts", they are the thoughts of the editorial from yesterday's Sun. At no point have I said that I necessarily agree with any of it.


Mr Benn - I do not need to "grow up" and I certainly don't need to "pay more tax".


Librarian - you're starting to sound a little like the paranoid conspiracy-theorists in that book you lent me.



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A thousand pardons, Zealster.


I didn't realise that you were quoting from The Sun and that these are not your thoughts.


Glad to know that you're on side!


I was just musing on the countries in the world with the lunatics' definition of 'weapons of mass destruction":


North Korea






Collectively N.A.T.O.

Great Britain

The U.S. of A.


Well that lot have nuclear capability. Chemical/germ warfare? Hmmn. There's heaps more yet.


Hmmn. Who's next, I wonder?


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