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As this year has seen an increasingly worrying standard of decisionmaking by the 'bloke in charge', not only costing our club points, but also reading other prem sites, costing them as well, my question is, should the f.a., as i believe they changed the way refs are allocated games, admit that they got it wrong? We all know that refs are human and not all the ref's we have had e.g. last season, have been our favourites but the standard, now as apposed to then is, forgive the pun,not in the same league. What do you boys think should happen? <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />

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crap refs are a parrt of the game.. sure they can change the course of a game..even a clubs whole season can turn on one moment but im sure we have had our share of fortune along with misfortune.. refs should always be shouted at, its the home fans job to get on their case.. linos as well!

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I read a report somewhere recently about some dismal referee-ing decisions on another board. That referee happened to turn out to be Mr. Ives! I remember him for some of the wrong reasons, but I can't remember which game. I think that referees are becoming like teachers, (sorry Merv!) a shortage in them and the good ones are taken by the best, in this case they've turned pro' for the Football League and we in the lower regions of the pyramid are left with the crap, underqualified ones to boost their numbers so that every match can be officiated.


The worrying thing is that we've still got to put up with the same pillocks when we get into the Conference as is so verbally demonstrated by the Gravesend fans on their forum!!


We'll still get the likes of Ives, Vosper, (although he seems to favour us in most games he's still blatantly biased) and Beadle for a time to come yet. Just remember Mr. Patel on Friday night, he was dead keen to keep the more 'suitable' team in the Trophy!!!


Matt CIFC <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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I don't think Mr Vosper was favouring us when he sent Benno off against Grays for absolutely nothing!


What about Mr Murfitt (or should that be muppet), who made some bizarre decisions in the Hayes match at Park Lane including disallowing a goal by Lee Boylan for an alledged push by Minton. He also booked Minton even though he didn't argue against the decision, I mean what's that all about?


Some of the referees this season, have been absolutely atrocious but then again everybody at one stage or another this season has suffered at the hands of poor refereeing, so we can't really complain.

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Its a major opportunity for the conference and the FA to be proactive and go for development of football at non-league level and one more season gives them thinking time for logical joined up change

Why is it not possible for both conf and FA to get into Youth,Ref and Coaches training schemes specifically aimed at non-league?

There are educated players by the score in non-league who could be developed and would be only to happy to be involved in any way that could also develop themselves

Me? Iam so convinced the blazers will get it right this time I am going to hold my breath?



We will not gain ref!s with sufficient skills or understanding of the game under the present format

We suffer from Non athletic non footballing types who just do not understand the game which is also

being played too fast for them now days

The major change in non-league set-up should give the conference the leverage to make change

Lets encourage younger men who have played at a reasonable level to be fast tracked into the senior non-league game

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