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Enfield match reports now on website

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I particularly liked this piece from the Pyramid Football report:


'The city of St Albans has a reputation for being a prosperous place in the south east commuterbelt, very true if the house prices are anything to go by. This was exemplified at half time when I spotted an unlikely looking steward. He was wearing a smart navy blue Crombie overcoat, a City suit, a neatly knotted red silk tie with matching socks and a gleaming pair of Oxfords. An ill-fitting orange bib spoiled the effect but I mused that you get a better class of steward at Clarence Park!'


Now I wonder who that could be? <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

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I think that I can assist here, chaps.


I'm sure that reporter is Murray Craig, a walking sporting encyclopaedia. I've heard him on the terraces at The Park. One look at the team-sheet and he reels off the playing history of every member of the opposition. I sometimes think that he looks it up at home before coming to the match. He's been on that Mark White chap's winning co-operative at quiz nights once or twice.


He has a season ticket at Luton. I bet his Mickey Mouse press pass doesn't get him into Kenilworth Road for nothing.


His son's quite bright. Plays rugby for OARFC.


As far as his comments on our stewarding are concerned, I'm trying to work out whether it was an attempt at humour or another example of the mischief that so upsets The Chairman. He's quite a nice chap in his own way [Murray Craig, that is, not The Charirman] [Err...That is....The Chairman is quite a nice chap, too, of course] so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.


By a process of elimination, I've worked out which steward he means. There was no trouble on that gate that I could see on Tuesday evening. Professional, courtoeus but firm. Similar to the Aldershot match in that respect. Mind you. So it should be at £200 per game or whatever it is we pay these people.

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