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U18s, Not there? then hard luck


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Forget the rest this WAS the one to be at, and for the handful who turned up to give support, you like me know you`ll not see a better Margate performance this season.

To do justice to the side we have to go back to a stormy Sunday in September last year when a hastily formed team was thrown together for the away at Southwood. The side, branded Rams rejects by Southwood, were given a beating in the rain and a burden on Margates backs for 8 months. Both teams of late had lost a bit of form, Margate due to lack of games and training, Rams due to loss of players, 1 or two persuaded back for this huge game.


I do not think I can do justice to the squad, only to say they were something else today in ever department, and praised by everyone including Rams supporters as their big names looked second best. I think a Massive vote should go to Phil, the manager, his cool calm approach to this and every game shone through as even our most fiery competative players kept their calm.


An even start saw Rams get the ball forward and perhaps looked the most likely to score, Gates mid-field holding well, the defence solid and passing crisply, but not much penetration up front. For about 35 mins it was an even game. Then a free kick to the Gate put on the spot for Saul to rise above the rest for a head past the keeper and Margate were on their way. Half time 1-0.


Second half saw a swing to Margate and start to put some of their best football together and although Rams had a go Margate were on the up. It was a nice midfield move and lovely through ball from Johnny sent Jamie on his way, easing past Rams towering full back and slotted past the keeper, 2-0. Margate in control. Their next was a wonderful pass from Arron, perfect weight for Chris to take in his stride and shoot past the keeper. 3-0. At this point we saw a Rams player come off second best to a 50/50 challenge from the very solid Chaz, the crash echoed round the ground, sadly the player was taken to hospital with a damaged ankle, we wish him a speedy recovery. For one of only a few shots from Rams put Matt to the test for a diving save that took some stopping. Tempting fate there were still a few Rams players taunting Gate with their 4-1 win! The next was again a perfect ball from Arron for Darien (sorry if my spelling is wrong) to take down and shoot 4-0. Changes saw Elliot on for Paul and Kyle for Jim and it was down to Kyle to put the icing on Margates cake. The Gate doing the right thing after a foul gave the ball to Rams keeper, keeper to right back, a miss hit pass on the 18yd box put Kyle in for a pass into the net 5-0. Ramsgate were distraught, Margate on cloud 9, it reminded me of those two Maidstone central games, but much better. Minuses, ref could have been far better. The big issue of course is that once again Margate perform at home on a great pitch, away and they struggle.

So if you missed this one tomorrow might be a Gate win but nothing like this. Plus Margate now go above Rams in the league and still have 3 games in hand.

See you tomorrow


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I was there and have got to say Margate youth were first class and very pleasing on the eye. They totally controlled and bossed the game. I was led to understand from other spectators that most of the Margate team were let down by Ramsgate in the past ( the word used was rejected). So understandibly they started a bit cautiously but once the first goal was superbly headed in from a free kick they just never looked back.

Their running off the ball, passing and interplay was second to none and when they did loose the ball the whole team seemed to track their opposition players forcing Ramsgate into errors.

Yet the main attribute I would like to say was how well all the Margate boys conducted themselves with immense team spirit and exemplary behaviour.

I wish I could have said the same for the others but they all seemed to want to swear and square up for an altercation with one another. I guess this is what happens if you have a team of premadonnas playing for you. Which is what I guess the Ramsgate team were.

Finally congradulations must go to the Margate Youth team manager and other members of his training staff because if they can produce performances like this the clubs is in the right hands for developing our young local talent.


WELL DONE TO ALL and I promise I'll do my best to watch a few more of your games, ESPECIALLY AS I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY to watch first class entertainment. THANKYOU.


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Nice write-up Hippy, I know most of the team view this site and would receive your comments with thanks. They are a good bunch of lads and as you note do play decent football, it`s a real shame that more cannot find the time to support them.

The Reject thing came from Ramsgate as several of the Gate players played for their Mush side from u14s up but at the "trills" for the Rams u18s none of these lads were even looked at by the manager, I was there so I know. It was when these lads signed for Margate that the Reject thing started. I know there is no sentiment in football but Rams 18s set up should be ashamed. Personally I am more than pleased that my son is now with the Gate. Hope Phil is there next season, although players will go and new arrive he sems to get the best out of everone. Reserves this afternoon, U18 at HP tomorrow 11 kick off


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I'd like to see Daryn Vanhinsbergh and Paul Axon sign first team forms for next season. If Trotty reads this I hope he gets these two in particular straight to first team training in the summer. They're both young enough to play for both the U18s and reserves at the moment but both are shining in the reserves and have a lot of talent. More than good enough to be involved around the 1st team and who knows. They could progress from there. There's another two or three players who I'm tempted to mention but I'll wait til I've seen more of them in the next few reserve games. But well done to Phil and Mark. They've got an excellent group of players and are recognising good talent.

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