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A lot will be said about various events of today. some will claim high spirits, some will claim injustice, some will say hooliganism. Some will say " why were no Oxford fans ejected?" if climbing on the fence and offering personal taunts were a reason to eject our 2 why were the people responsible for pulling down the segregation fence also not removed? After all there were,about 5 Oxford stewards right there.

Or did I not see anyone from that end being removed?

I know no amount of opinions will change anything that has happened and may well happen again.


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My point was people get removed for spouting language or making gestures but others don't for what might be seen as criminal damage or does that not apply to temporary stuctures? I am not condoning actions of others but action taken must be even handed.

I went for a pee before the Police arrived and then felt no desire to return to the corner, got all that out of my sysytem in the early 70's at Elland Road.

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Originally Posted By: Boney Maroney
Like he would have done it with no segregation barrier in place. Let me guess - you were one of the guys who soon made themselves scarce when the plod arrived. Right?


You want to learn to grow up.


Why would I make myself scarce?

I wasn't aware I was committing any crimes...

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Originally Posted By: Rob_the_Saint
Also a few older people who should know better drinking from bottles on the terraces.

The people drinking were not regulars at Clarence Park, it was their first visit for some years, and I would not describe them as older. I had a word with one of them at half time, advising them to keep the bottles out of the view of the stewards.
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the first two posts...


Anyone else think that it was really harsh by the police to kick that fan out. All he and those other 20 or so were doing was getting a really good atmosphere, then as soon as he was kicked out, the atmosphere went again. killjoy police in my opinion.



Agree to an extent but what would we be saying if the Oxford fans had carried on when they broke the fence to get at the chavs. He was doing more than just singing and was trying to goad the Oxford fans. Maybe a quiet word would have been enough though.


Spot on. There was no need to eject anyone. The stewards could have had a quiet word rather than make an indicident out of it.


And it goes on, then...


had heard before the day , that they had a group of chavs that try and cause trouble with away fans, but they seemed harmless enough, good bit of banter!


There's the real problem! I saw the chavs at half-time near the York Road bridge but didn't see them inside the ground.

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Others can speak for themselves Laz, but I suspect that there will be little sympathy for the two persons ejected from t'Park on Saturday.


There has been outrage expressed on these message boards over the past few weeks at the behaviour of a group of idiots, new to the club, who have sought to cause trouble with opposing fans, and calls upon the club to take action with, if necessary, the presence of proper policemen to stop serious trouble before it begins. Those six policeman on Saturday will have cost the club a sum equivalent to the highest paid player's weekly wage, I suspect.


We both know that at least one of those ejected had no part in the problems at the Altrincham game, but we also know that he has been thrown out of more grounds this season than some of our blazers have visited. I am certain that he knew what was coming, and he would do well to keep a low profile.







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