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Supporters Match against the Royal British Legion


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Well the British Legion are up for it and could Teabar please confirm the 6th May is OK and also what time. (Think Legion lot would prefer an early start so that they can get back to drinking)


Can Cookie ref the game????


We will be a wide range of ages so be gentle lads and there is at least one female on the team.( the first one of you who trys to tackle her WILL be slapped I'm told)


Is it possible that shower facilities are avaliable (I will pay for it if necessary).


Also want to get something into the local press as we are raising money for Demelzia House and the Poppy Appeal on the back of the game.

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6th of May is fine Frankie. Can make it a 12 noon kickoff if you like. Just a thought, wouldn't it be nice to play the game on the hallowed Hartsdown turf! I'll have to make some enquiries about that. Hopefully the shower facilities will be availible, but again I will make enquiries and get back to you.

Really looking foward to the game, hopefully we can raise plenty of money and have a good even contest to boot.

I'll keep you posted with all the latest developments as they happen.



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Have just been informed that the U18's are playing at Hartsdown Park that day, so it may be best to move the kickoff back to 2pm, that is providing that we can get permission to use HDP of course.

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Originally Posted By: Dutch_Mike
6th of May?!?!?!?! Won't we all be severely hungover after celebrating our playoff final win from the day before? grin

No memebers of the British Legion will be severely hungover after the usual Saturday drinking session as practice for the usual Sunday afternoon drinking session.
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The Royal British Legion team are ready to go.......well a few of them are ready.


Under our nickname of the Laughing Legionnaires Liquid Lunch Tours FC we will complete our warm up in the Legion clubhouse between 12 and 1 and make our way to the home of football from there.


The amazing dribbling skills will be as a result of alcohol and we may even try it with a football.

Lloydy do NOT even consider taken Teresa down in the match (unless we are allowed to film it.....especially when you are placed into the ambulance).


We would request rolling subs as only half our team are under 30 and I have requested our players turn up in any coloured shirt APART from blue.


Thank you Mark for getting the pitch for us to use and unlike the normal supporters game we would like use of the showers so we can looked refreshed (if nothing else) as we stagger back to the Legion



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Currently trying to contact the local paper to get some publicity for the game.

Also told the paper that we are making a donation to their charity Demelza House Children's Hospice...don't worry that is covered but if anyone wants to add to it let me know.

If we can get someone to ref in place of Cookie would be good to confirm before the game.

All players are invited back to the British Legion club after the match, again see me at the game.

Also need someone with a camera able to take a couple of team photos for me to give in to the paper

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As a novelty how about asking Ian Sanderson if would referee the game.Maybe he could do so.He too was once a referee & not a bad one to be fair.Are you offering Ian, as a goodwill gesture perhaps but mainly to help out!

I'm sure that alone would be an attraction.

(A serious & genuine request)

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I would love to Referee for you, my head says yes, but the legs and back say NO, but if there is a sponser form please put me down for £10 to help such a great cause.

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Never mind Ian. Nice of you to offer to sponsor though. See Frankie about that .You mellow & mellow more with each day that passes.Just think back to the beginning of the season eh! Come a long way since then(mind you the footy hasnt started yet has it Ian. - Shouldn't speak too soon eh?) l.o.l.


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OK press informed and hopefully get something into Fridays paper plus if photographer free he will attend.

Also will give a report when Craig Tucker calls me after the event.


To cover ourselves though your camera work will be most welcome Alan.

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