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Video action from Saturdays match at Biggleswade

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Couldn't get it to work Gav, seems you've set the video to private which means you have to be a 'friend' of yours on YouTube to view it!

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Originally Posted By: RobbieO
Quality Gav, i wish more people posted video action of SSML football. How much would you charge to do a whole game!!

Erm....Ok, I dont know if you are being sarcastic or not Robbie, only because the 'quality' of the clips I uploaded are not that great, seeing they were only filmed on a mobile phone. Any half decent digital camera or camcorda would do a much better job.

Funny that you should say how much would I charge to do a whole game as I have just been looking for someone to film one of the Cup Finals Edgware are in, and I spoke to the guy on the phone and the prices seem to be ok as they include DVD's and its all done in a very proffesional style, Here is the linnk check it out.

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The payment details are there Robbie, its £140 which inc 6 dvds' and then additonal dvds are £8.50 each.


Thats not too bad, if you work out that a squad of 16 players each pay a tenner and then 10 of them pay £8.50 each for the DVD, and then maybe charge £11ish for any friends/family/fans that want one. You could have a few beind the bar to sell.


It says on the site that if at the final whislte the team that have booked have lost and their opponents then want a copy, they pay £95, and you then pay £95 instead of £140, he said this happesn a lot, as the opponents want a copy to remember their win.


What final are you in?

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Or instead of paying £8.50 for each extra copy you burn you own copies....

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