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Bookham 2 Sandhurst Town.........


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Gutted !!!!


Should have scored in 1st couple of mins but c/b missed a sitter, Sandhust started to play very well and we could not cope with them, scored on 13 and 29 mins and it looked as if they would go on a win easly. We got on back on 36 mins to breathe life into our game and started to battle better.


2nd goal on 50 mins and Bookham now created the best chances but did not take them and 5 mins from time Sandhurst score a great winner, young lad beats 2 players down right flank and cuts it back goal.

Sandhurst had an outfield player in goal and credit where due he played well. (used to play in goal before)


Gutted we didn't get anything out of it but Cove helped us by beating Guildford and hope Egham can do the same Saturday, Doggie man have words at your old club please.


Did not find Fizzer Fan either where were U hiding ???



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2-2 Would have been a more than fair result. But the last goal was a great game winner in any game.


Terrible Officials. Last 10 Mins Ref Lost Control!


We had our ex-skipper in goal, Martyn Fairminer, who hasn't played a game all season in his normal centre half position or in goal. Played rather well i thought and wasn't wearing any gloves either!


Normal first team goalkeeper, ANdy Ewen was away at a funeral and Luca the Reserve GK is injured and the 3rd choice keeper is COncussed!!

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Yeah thought a 2-2 would have been fair and keeper did very well.


Ref did lose it last ten, thought he had done ok up until then, should have controlled the player talking back to him better throughout and not the first time we have seen him get worse as the game goes on, our players where complaining about him but where told if they had taken their chances they would not be using him as an excuse.

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AAaahh Bookhams supporters all 6 of em,(home game bumper crowd and the Ford KA supporters coach is booked for our trip to Banstead) moved down to that area in the second half, Was talking to TF on who scored goals and timings if that helps.

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And not a mention of me being there !


I note Fizzy didn't get a round in.


Did you go in the bar at all, mate ?


I totally agree with Teffers. Should have been a point a piece, although I missed the first 15 or so due to training commitments.


At the risk of being slagged off by Chicks supporters, (Actually, they wouldn't dare), I thought yesterdays performance was the best I've seen Bookham play. Especialy your two little fron runners, Teffs. You gotta hang on to them !


As usual, the Stella and Jamesons was well dispensed by Big Brian !

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Thanks JR,


We have lost one to K's, David Francis, great young player with a massive engine, luckily we had him last and maybe Saturday.


Second half was a good performance, thought we struggled to cope with Sandhurst for opening 35-40 mins.


Oh forgot to mention how good both sides looked at corners, at time 3 or 4 each in quick succesion causing which ever was defending problems.

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Originally Posted By: Fizzer Fan
Sorry Boys But I Only Went In At Half Time And That Was Only Briefly.

I would Of Stayed After The Match But With A Road Being CLosed We Had TO Go The Long Way Round And I Didnt Get Back Until 11:45! If Not I would Have Came In After

Then you would have seen me. Very tall, (hence, BIG), wearing a Chelsea Stadium coat, (European version). Probably talking to Big Brian at the bar.

Incidently. There was a fair amount of banter about the officials.

I take it you were aware that they were being assesed last night ?

Our friend with the note-book and Surrey F.A. badge seems to be spending an awful lot of time at Meadowbank lately. Hmmm !
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You should have introduced yourself !


Anyway, haven't we got you last game of the season ?

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Did not get into the bar at halftime, was hunting a ball that had missed the target and was hiding in the undergrowth.


Also did not know about the road closures or would have tried to pre warn those attending.

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