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Bromley - In a FUN Sense


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So then lads n lasses Bromley part two is here. Who fancies a bit of a sing song !! The larynx is being waxed and the shoes are on the feet (for the time being) grin


Lets go there and enjoy it cos Bromley is up there on the grounds that i personally like going to.


The coach n horses will be trundling into New Lodge for our departure. As the journey is a decent one may only get through 2 cases en route shocked


The Blue Army wink is being mobilised and General Jones grin will be marshalling his troopers in their positions....Now then (bit of fun) here is the scenario...


Jonesey shuffles his troops into the changing rooms to tell them their positions...


"Right lads, Ronnie/Billy you take the door seat and narrow the entrance angle, Macca you sit for a change instead of standing, Swaineeee, you sit on the floor cos you will still be taller than Hodgey boy smile - Gamo, stand still will you, we havent started yet! - Leon, use the door handle next time we go out - Kerrers!! remember the shower is not for peeeing in! - Dazza, Use the door instead of the wall for coming in next time! - Heffs! this week stop thinking the players tunnel is where you need to pay the guy on the gate for entrance to the playing field! - Dorms!! Dorms!! DORMS!! Put your pack of top trump cards back in your bag and stop trying to swap them with Broomey!! - BROOMEY !! you should know better !! grin Hodgey, will you stand up when i am talking!! - Ooops you are! grin

Whelps!! Will you stop running up the wall !! - Wareham, will you stop running down the wall!! - Flackie!! will you put down your book about the teletubbies!! - Burbs!! remember this week when you go through the door that it is only so high ! - Billy Holland !! Will you stop arranging those tulips in your vase!! - Adrian!! will you please this week not do any break dancing! Remember what you did to those cards that the rest of the lads had spent 15 minutes building into a pyramid the other week !! Mr Hill !! Look how many times have i said to use the flusher in the toilet !!




Anyway, as said all a bit of fun...GO ON LADS YOU KNOW WE ARE BEHIND YOU ALL !! wink

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