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Bromley 1-0 Billericay

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Hard luck guys. It was obvious for all to see what this match meant and you all put in a great effort. You had them rattled for most of the match, but it was always going to be difficult for whoever went behind first.


Having seen all the top teams at least once I reckon Bromley & us are the best two in this league. The result may have been different if Flacky had been fit but there's no point in "what if"ing!


So we need a point against Leyton to guarantee a play-off spot.


Roll on Saturday smile



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Until the goal I think this was a fairly close game, both sides had good spells, but until they scored neither really looked like being able to dominate. Bit unlucky with the goal, Whelps was off the pitch getting treatment for a boot in the face so we were a man down which gave them the space they needed. After the goal we pushed forwards and left gaps at the back. We worked hard I thought, but lacked the killer pass in the final third.



McSweeney Heffer Blewitt Kerrigan

Whelps Hunter Dormer Hodges

Allen Holland


There was a late change with Hodges coming in for Game who had a back spasm in the warm-up.


Subs Wareham for Allen

Burbridge for Holland

Hill for Kerrigan

SNU: Worster Swaine

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Firstly, what a great day out. Lovely weather, the kind of crowd that the fixture deserved, good service at the bar and a corking atmosphere for the match.


I actually thought we played pretty well for the most part, we looked solid in defence and the midfield functioned well for the majority although I did feel we struggled down Whelpdale's side again, but I think that Wood is a good player for them. I agree we missed Flackie badly but that's another issue for another day.


The last two play-off places are between us, AFCW and Margate and one point against Leyton will get us in there. So the long and short of it is, that going up is still in our hands.


Come on the Blues.

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i was glued to a screen at 4:45 yesterday at my wedding reception and was so gutted to see this reuslt come through, this game could have affected so much...


so there are now several scenarios going into last game of season..


a win will see us play chelmsford (home if chelmsford lose or draw, away if chelmsford pick up the 3 points) ((afc goal differance to far behind chelmsford for us to play them even if chelmo lose))


A draw depends on other results i certainly wouldnt want to see us go back to bromley away.


and a loss i dont even want to think about the possibility of margate pinching a play off spot somehow.



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Originally Posted By: MMOH
Originally Posted By: Rick the Dick
Having seen all the top teams at least once I reckon Bromley & us are the best two in this league.

Funniest thing I have ever read on here...You talk about City fans have BBB.


I consider there to be a big difference between saying how well you're going to do (before a ball has been kicked in some cases!)as opposed to reflecting on how well you've actually done.

There will be biased views in both scenarios but at least the latter can be subjected to "checks & measures", whereas the former is purely BBB.

But thanks for your input. I know how much it's valued on the Soapbox biglaugh
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Agree about Bromley, but we've played H&R 4 times this season in all competitions. Won 1, drawn 3, one of which we went on to win on penalties. I consider us the better side and would much prefer to come up against them than Bromley in a play-off game. That now looks unlikely. We have taken 3 or 4 points off all the clubs in the top six places with the exception of Bromley.

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I thought it was a good game in which both sides had to go for it. We had the better of the first half and they had the better of the second with Hodges being MOTM for me. Bromley are clearly a good side, but if we did meet them in the play-offs, with Game and Flack back, we're definately in with a chance. Bit concerned that the goals are not flowing as freely as they were, hopefully Flack will be back for next Saturday.


Entertaining tannoy announcer!

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I would agree with Ryan and JL. It was a good game, entertaining and exciting. We went close a couple of times and had the better of quite a bit of the first half and definately the first 20 minutes of the 2nd. Games against Bromley are always tight.


As JL said, our destiny is well in our hands now...onwards to Saturday and Leyton.

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Our lads gave it everything again, and really shows how far this club has come in a short space of time. As always, (result aside) i enjoyed another trip to Brommers. Was good to see a sizeable crowd (second highest for them after AFC) and a fantastic response from all Ricay fans who turned up applause2


The game was evenly poised and i do think Bromley played a lets break and see what happens attitude where-as our lads went for lets get at 'em attitude. All we needed was that final cutting edge which "may" have turned the game in our favour, but cannot fault the lads for leading from the back to the middle to the front.

Fair play to Bromley, they won the game - But our team and fans were the bonus for me on a very hot day for April !!


So lads it is in our hands to go and get that final point or 3.





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