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Football In A Parallel Universe

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Good result for t'lads on Saturday. Goes some way towards assuaging those feelings when we consistently lost to those dismal Grays teams in the early 90s. Remember that penalty miss in the last minute of the League Cup semi-final in 1992? (Feel free to correct me on the finer details of that - it was a long time ago).<p>For those of you who are wondering why I wasn't there, I was experiencing football in a parallel universe - the FA Vase semi-final between Tiptree & AFC Sudbury. Kind of like going to a very big barbecue with a football match tacked on the side (Tiptree's firm seemed to number four people wearing suspiciously new shirts, by the way). Standing directly behind the Sudbury dugout was an experience, mind you. His managerial technique seemed to solely consist of swearing randomly at his players ("Robbie, you are a f**king c**t" seemed to be his favourite). I presume that such language would not be tolerated by the directors of St Albans City.<p>Anyway... it was an education - particularly as it could have been us doing that sort of thing next season.

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