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u18 v Whitstable


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It was the other side of the coin on Sunday as the Gate went to Whiststable. This was going to be the game that would test and give some idea how good the team were. Fate dealing the Gate a blow with 4 key players out arriving with 12 players and only 1 striker. Whitstable also crowing that they had key players out but still managed a full bench.

A flying start from the Blues kept Whits pinned in there own half for the first 15 minutes and a flying header from Jamie McClean would have been just reward but just wide. After the 15 min mark something seemed to go very wrong with the Blues, heat or something else, but Whitstable started to provided a show match as they out played the Blues in all levels. Saul suffered a back injury but battled on into the second half to be replaced by Nick. The Gate held on but the away game thing came to haunt the side and Whit went 1 up on 25 mins, a second just before half time gave warning of what was to come. Second half and all the same as Whitstable out played Margate. 2 more were scored before Margate`s Jamie McClean was put through for what is now his trade mark run, defended, keeper, goal. Darien made a good run on the right to get a half chance on goal, his shot going over the bar. A final goal from Whitstable gave a 5-1 win. Two more away before they return to the comfort of HDP. A good run would see the team secure third spot.

Away to Canterbury this weekend.

Up the Gate

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