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A plea for Saturday

Boney Crisp

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Originally Posted By: Alexmfc
Can all people who are going to the game on saturday please find a blue T-Shirt to wear. If you have a Margate shirt of course that will do, but for those who don't it will be great to wear a blue shirt to create a sea of blue and hopefully to Spur the team on to win.

Are you trying to upset Frankie? You know that he doesn't like Spurs! And if you did mean Spurs wouldn't it have to be a sea of white and blue?

Abdullah the Gate!
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Originally Posted By: xiphi
Geesh - the thought of swapping with me is *that* bad that it kills the thread.

There goes the self confidence...... wink

If I had one to spare I would;
But I haven't, so I won't - Sorry!

Still swap you a stick of rock for that biscuit if you like.
Husband and children coming on Saturday? Might be able to rustle up a stick of rock for the kids as well, if they're not too old for such things.
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Originally Posted By: xiphi
Children? Husband? Pfffffffffffffft tongue

The other half is coming - not sure if he'd like the thought of being referred to as 'husband' - and I think the kids might come as a shock to us both wink

Sorry, must have misunderstood a previous post, thought you had children. My apologies.

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Hi lads im driving up on Saturday now , already got Tony M and Malcolm on board , that leaves 2 spaces if anyone wants to come up , will be at the ground at 10.40 to follow coach , then we can leave and find own way home after game . Ive got a silver Volvo if anyone wants to come . Can you let me no by tomorrow night on the forum 6oclock latest , 1st 2 with a yes are in ,Apparently we have to wear something blue . up the Gate.

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