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Is There Any Truth ??

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....in the rumour that Guildford City is in total confusion and melt-down.


Manager resigning ? Rumour or fact ?


Chairman has had enough. Rumour or fact ?


Players want out. Rumour or fact ?


Answers on a registration card to Park Boy and his crystal balls, to ........... !!

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The Surrey Advertiser said last week that the Manager was stepping down and I have also heard that the Chairman is stepping down at the end of the season to pursue other interests.


I think a few players would leave if they were to be playing in Division 1 next season, I guess only time will tell.


Big JR - You got yourself one of my crystal balls?


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I never trust crystal balls from Sussex.


North Downs crystal balls are far better.

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After watching Guildford's poor and lack-lustre performance against Bookham this afternoon, I doubt Mr. Collins would even consider Guildford City as a good career move.


Bookham ?


Seeing their spirited destruction of Guildford City leaves me in no doubt that Bookham are safe in the Premiership.


..... and before any comments about the Chick result today...


Why bother ?


Can't go up !


Can't go down !


Just going through the motions really. Zzzzzzz !


Is there any truth to the rumour that CCL 1st Division clubs will have to come up to Premiership grading for next season ?


(Hmmmm !)

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