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Guess What.....

Simon BTFC

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Hmm, with my luck, next time I'm over, to the Kingstonian match, it will probably be cancelled and I'm stuck more and more pissed at the Crown where I have to listen to Gazza sing... <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


On the other hand, I've never heard Gazza sing...

And, I have also note ever, which some other norwegians can't brag about, experienced that a game got postponed once I'm here...


Cross my fingers!



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We also have a small matter of semi-final with Aveley on Tuesday...The weather forcast looks good for the next few days so cannot see that being called off - YET !!! - Does anyone know what sort of condition Aveley pitch has been like??

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You bring back bad memories Simon. I think this was the seasons low point when Clader played 6-7 defenders, going for the usual away draw. We went one down early on and that was that, or please, we must dobetter that that today. Is the game on ?

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Not only did we play badly but it was absolutely freezing, spent most of the second half up against the side of the covered terracing to keep the wind out!


Would agree it was one of our worst performances last year (and there were a few!)

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