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So we lost 1-3 to Australia. I for one am not surprised.


In the first half we played our supposed first team - David James? Ashley Cole? Frank Lampard?? Don’t make me laugh!! - all of whom are far too wrapped up in their own Premiership targets this season to really give a f*ck about playing for their country in some “meaningless” friendly.


And in the second half? Well, what a load of absolute rubbish. I couldn't believe some of the players who were getting capped last night. They seem to just hand them out to anybody.


Wayne Rooney? Francis Jeffers? Ledley King??


Paul Konchesky??????


No wonder we cannot gauge how good or bad we are when it comes to the World Cup or Euro Championships – we spend all our “practice” matches just arsing around and giving caps to anyone who can kick a football in roughly the right direction.



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Which brings me on nicely to St Albans.


At the start of this season we won our first seven matches and took a nice little lead at the top of the table. We rode our luck at times (Grays, Maidenhead) but we had confidence. A swagger even. And, importantly, we had a well-balanced, settled side. You’d turn up to a match and expect to win.


We had Hamid Barr, Beckett Hollenbach, Leon Townley, Steve Castle… the list goes on. We were a very, very good team.


I read elsewhere on this board we have just four of that side remaining. We are now 3rd in the table and haven’t played with any real conviction since the Aldershot game at Christmas.


Half of the management duo has been sacked, with no real explanation why - ok, I appreciate we don’t necessarily have a right to that information, but nevertheless... – and we are in a state.


I hear people telling me we’re only a few points behind. It’s February. There’s a long way to go yet.


Very true, and if we were playing like a winning team, with that early-season swagger, I’d agree with you. But we’re not.


Just like Sven’s England, the team is messed around with from one game to the next, and we look like a side without a clue.


We’ll finish mid-table.



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Over the past few weeks, I’ve posted on here a few "poltical" opinions.


On occasions, I have posted articles written in a national newspaper, and I’ve been called a racist. Why? Because I suggested that maybe this country has a problem with asylum seekers, and I suggested that maybe this country needs to fight Iraq to improve the long-term security of the World.


I am not a racist.


But this week, I have had various people, some of whom are very good friends, accuse me of leaving a message on here over the weekend supporting the BNP. I didn’t see the message, but it was obviously offensive enough for Rob to have to delete it.


Well, thanks a lot people. It’s nice to know you have such a high opinion of me.



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Finally, The Lyrical Tarantula was indeed correct. I went to see The Polyphonic Spree at the London Forum on Monday night, and they were superb. A great live act that I’d recommend to anyone wanting a really enjoyable night out.



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I thought the second half display was infinitely superior to the first half. As for Wayne Rooney and Francis Jeffers, well, they combined well with Jenas and we actually scored a goal. All three were superb and will probably stay in the squad imo.

Where I do agree is that playing for England no longer seems to have the prestige attached to it of old. Sven and the FA need to stand up and take on the Premier League. It's important England's nationl team improves and unless the players are allowed to play even the most meaningless friendlies then they are never going to gel and team spirit and cameraderie will deteriorate.


Agree about the Polyphonic Spree as well. Haven't seen them live but got the album on American import ages ago - sheer class!!

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I think James is bad news in england goal, very impressed with Robinson though, that lad may just be the next man to take the sticks.


I thought Jenas looked very good second half too, speed, guile and determination, everything the first half 11 lacked. It seems daft that we allow ourselves to lose to the States and Australia through complacency and treating the games as a practise match. I can't help thinking of that USA friendly, we thought we would get to the 94 world cup and this was just a warm up, we didn't get there at all.


Don't think I am taking anything away from Australia, they were harder working and totally deserved the win, England just didn't do enough.


The problem is we value the Premier League teams more than the national side, until this changes we're going to have problems.

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Zealster you're back!


I've really missed your lunatic ravings over the past week or so. I was concerned that the Facilities Manager at your place had been checking your use of the internet and that you might have taken a shine to UB40. Anyway, welcome back.


I wasn't aware of the false posting over the week-end so admirably handled by Rob the ex-Saint [Long story. I'll tell you about it on the walk on Saturday.]


Just to be clear. I don't consider that you are a racist as you appear to be in favour of an attack on Iraq. Just completely misguided.


Oh, by the way. I know that you have a modest knowledge of music. There has been a new person on here called Trigger or something who specialises in shamelessly cheating at music quizzes. You have been warned.

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