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Supports Game!


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Though I should still be neutral the game is now over. I can safely say our lads thoroughly deserved their victory. Could have been 4 or 5 but I also have to add that Red Arrow took them the whole way until the winner was poked in about 8 minutes from time. Very enjoyable game to referee & I should think similar for those up there watching.Well done you guys & hard luck Red Arrow.

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Well what a match played in a wonderful spirit, such a contrast to the previous meeting between the sides! Some good football was played in lovely english summer like conditions!


This win was more satisfying than the one before due to the competative nature of the match, but mainly down to the fact that we played more as a team than before the quality of the football was of a higher level from both sides!


Well done the whole of the supporters squad and the red arrows for a great match!


My motm: between the whole squad and Chris or Alex!


Bring on the British Legion!

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Not to mention you scored the winning goal eh Lloydy? l.o.l.

Certainly a big improvement from the Ramsgate game Lloddy.But then there were excuses for that defeat werent there! Still a much better team performance.That young guy up front made a big difference(dont know his name..Is it Matt,dark haired?) Was virtually all out attack in the second half. Good to watch indeed!

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