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u18s Great Performance to end home season


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After an away drubbing to Whitstable with a deleted squad only a few weeks ago Margate were back to something like full strength for this last home game. Once again Margate got off to a good start keeping Whitstable pinned back but unlike the away leg kept going. With every player up for the game Whitstable found it hard to get hold of the ball for any length of time. Continued pressure gave the Gate a free kick just outside the box, up stepped Daz and a fine shot beat the keeper. Margate continued to press and it was only after 30 mins that Whitstable came into the game putting some good moves together. However Margate held and finished the half the stronger.

Second half and Margate took control but for some reason let themselves down in the last quarter. The result of this as I counted 10 Gate shots, 2 on target, one or 2 of these could have been put away had someone been in the right place. Whitstable tried to get into the game and once or twice played through Gates defence to press the back line and force saves from keeper Matt but Margate always looked in control. Forcing Whitstable to the long over the top and chase Margate got caught and putting a crisp pass to a lone player the ball was very well struck for one all. Margate rallied and pressed on but could not find the winner. I think that most would have accepted 1-1 before the game. This was an all round excellent game with both sides playing football in good spirit with few fouls, a credit the both teams.

Last game, away to Sheppey and Margates chance to dent their record of no losses this season.

A great season, with a 7 game hic cup due to loss of players, we should be happy with a top half finish.


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