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Statement From The Hx Board


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Following a meeting between members of the Council, Romford FC and Hx FC yesterday at the Town Hall, discussions related to Romford FC sharing the Stadium next season have been terminated.


It is quite clear to the Officials of Hx FC that both the Council and Romford FC entered into negotiations over this proposed ground share without having any real idea what the running of the stadium, and the costs involved in its daily upkeep, actually are. At no time during these discussions did Romford FC approach Hx FC and ask to discuss the matter with us.


As was required by League rules we advised the Ryman League of the proposals and following the intervention of the Ryman League it became quite clear that a three way ground share between HMAC, Hx FC and Romford FC was unworkable at a senior level of football. The proposed ground share most certainly meant that all Hx FC Youth Football at the stadium had to cease to make way for Romford FC and would probably have also led to the cessation of Capital League matches at the Stadium. Quite clearly this in turn, due to lack of any development structure other than the first team, would have eventually led to the demise of Hx FC as a senior competitive club. That intervention by the Ryman League, the issues related to accomodation of sporting events at the Stadium and other issues related to the payments of ground costs effectively brought the ground share proposal to an end for the time being.


In 2005, the Council commissioned a report related to the future of the Stadium, it is the opinion of both Hx FC and their own advisors that the report is ineffective and poorly constituted and bears little relation to the reality of what is needed for the upkeep and maintenance of a large aged stadium. Any comparisons used in that report relate solely to two way groundshares, (all at new sites) there are no examples at all of three way ground shares being financially viable or workable.


Hx FC would like to place on record their thanks to the Havering Council Leader Mr Michael White for his sensible understanding and recognition of our and other concerns yesterday.




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