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Overheard Conversation between Jimbob (ex-Carter USM now of Jims Super Steroworld)

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This is a overheard conversation with Jimbob former Carter USM frontman and now of Jims Super Stereoworld and a un-named 3rd party!<p>3rd P - Jim, do you want to go for a drink and maybe a curry on both Wednesday 24th July and Saturday 27th July<p>Jim - I'd love to, but unfortinatly I'm doing two gigs with my new fab band Jims Super Steroworld on these dates<p>3rd P - Shame! prehaps I can come and see you<p>Jim - Well I'm playing Brighton on the Wednesday and Harlow on the Saturday, come along!<p>3rd P - OK jim, I think I will, by the way what do you think of this whole can incident?<p>Jim - Well about 10 years ago my very good friend fruitbat hit TV bloke Phillip Schofield live on telly, he never did it again and I think it was definatly an icolated incident.<p>3rd P - I think you're right Jim, By the way I've heard you're better than John Lennon<p>Jim - Ha Ha Ha lets not open that old can'o'worms again, I'm sure we all have our place in music history<p>3rd P - what do you think of Colin Zeal?<p>Jim - Smashing knockers!<p>3rd P - Cheers Jim, you're ace!

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