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Tadays Game

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34 replies to this topic

offline FourFourTwo

  • Reserves
  • Posts: 148
  • Joined: 6 Oct 2003
First 30 mins when the team did have shape and balance the scoring opportunities went to Perkins, Mckimm and Owen. As for the space on the left we had Owen and McClements to deal with that. Eddie's a good footballer, but IMO is not a full back. His lack of height cost us the equaliser. I'm sure Duku would have filled in adequately in that right back slot.

offline dodger

  • Onlooker
  • Posts: 20
  • Joined: 10 Aug 2002
Agree that todays performance was woeful and I think a little fortunate at the final whistle to get a point. Pinnock deserved to see Red and should receive a roasting from Andy after the match. Losing your head like that could cost the club £12000 at the end of the season!.

Lets try and be optimistic about signing a Striker that could change the course of the season. We can enjoy a little glory next Saturday if we defend strongly and hit them on the break, that is in my opinion our best chance of a giant killing.

It was not all doom and gloom yeseterday, I won the 50-50 draw and walked off with £174.00. I would give it all back for 10 wins on the bounce though.

Keep the faith one and all.

offline smithyman

  • Reserves
  • Posts: 149
  • Joined: 27 Jan 2003
Pinnock - stupid, Ref - c**p, our performance - not much better.

As has been said before we generally played well first half, we spread ourselves out across the pitch, pushed up and created the chances. Second half we did our usual of playing over on the stand side of the pitch for most of the time and defending too deeply so that when we did clear the ball it was coming straight back.

Questions for AF, do you make them play over that side so that they can all hear your pearls of coaching wisdom?

Can you ask our right back to mark their left winger and not leave it to our irght side midfielder because the right back is standing to the left of the centre circle?

Why have you gone back to the tactic of only leaving one up when we are defending corners and free kicks? At least with two up it might give us a chance of preventing the ball coming straight back when we clear it and there will be one less of their players in our area.

Finally, can you make sure that in training this week all you get Wilko to do is practice kicking the ball up the middle of the pitch and not straight into touch down by our left wing.

offline Matt (GNFC)

Matt (GNFC)
  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 537
  • Joined: 30 Apr 2002
Pretty spot on assesments made on the performance...We're not winning games at home because away teams have worked out that we can only play one type of football, and thats hoof football upto Rob Haworths head. If that doesnt work then we're stuffed for the rest of the game. When Walshe came into the side we played with width and both Haworth and Pinnock looked dangerous as crosses were coming in. Now Walshe has been benched and we have absolutely no creativity whatsoever. Owens a good player but he's better in the middle IMO. He's not got blistering pace and he's not going to skin too many full backs. I like others thought Drury has looked more composed in the middle and he looks the one who can pick the ball up, run with it and score goals yet he was amazingly taken off yesterday so early into the second half. It was a dire second half and bloody boring to watch like so many games at Stonebridge Road this season. Hoof Hoof and more bloody hoof.

offline Stu B

Stu B
  • National Squad - 2nd XI
  • Posts: 3,741
  • Joined: 27 Nov 2002
Fair point about Drury and Owen but who would you play in the centre of midfield then?If you played Drury and Owen you'd have to leave out Mckimm, and if you put Drury in the hole we'd surely have to leave a striker out..?That only leaves puting Drury OR Owen on the bench,which is a problem seeing as they are 2 of our best players..

offline Guest__*

  • rank
  • Joined: --
There seems to be a constant theme running through all of our posts. People may express it slightly differently but the points are similar. My concern is that no-one is bl**dy listening and they don't feel that we deserve a say of any kind. Glad to see that regardless of the weather the players showed some appreciation for our support yesterday unlike Tuesday when they all hurried away down the tunnel!!! I'm so angry with Pinnock I'm tempted to say that he shouldn't be on the bench on Saturday - but we're so desperate we need him to be. I also cannot believe that we're going to allow our ground to look such a mess on Sky - this is a prime opportunity to attract fans - quick lick of paint might be a good idea.
A draw was not good enough yesterday - plain and simple. We can blame the ref and the partially sighted linesman but at the end of the day it's down to the players and after the first 30mins we were shocking - do none of them give a sh*t? I can't understand what's going on?? Realistically we're not going to beat Notts County - the league is what matters and the performances at home simply aren't good enough. Andy sort your players out and boys if you don't care (or you're just part of our team because of where it might lead - which can't be the case cause you're generally all playing sh*te!) leave now!!!

offline Wobbly Wayne rides again

Wobbly Wayne rides again
  • Reserves Coach
  • Posts: 1,696
  • Joined: 21 May 2002
'Success on the pitch brings in greater attendances, which then increases the cash-flow allowing the club to advance further. Look at the Ryman Championship year - by the end of the season, attendances had rocketed!'

What is success ?
Is it winning most games by half time in a league where the majortiy of teams have even less money and less support than us or , is it trying to ( and so far for a season and a half achieving it ) holding your own against clubs of a greater stature in terms of money and gates.

It has been a massive step up, and we are still in their kicking and screaming. This is the success, that the increased gates at the end of the Ryman season bought us.

Unfortunately, even the majority of the people who attend the matches find this so hard to recognise, so how we can expect the rest of the borough to stay with us.

All we do,
All we do,
All we do is whinge and moan.

offline John@TheFleet

  • Reserves Coach
  • Posts: 1,592
  • Joined: 14 Jul 2003
Fine words, WW. With my 'other' team being West Ham, I know what it's like to struggle & sink. But then I know what it's like to conquer and achieve as well. Unfortunately, footy fans are fickle creatures and most will only accept the best possible times as the only acceptable times and duly ignore the rest.

offline Gordon T

Gordon T
  • First XI - Sub
  • Posts: 1,204
  • Joined: 31 Jan 2003
In the true nature of the game we cant get everyone back until we start winning, but we need the money from large crowds or investment to get it. But we dont get investment without crowds, its a vicous circle that is hard to get out of.

offline Wobbly Wayne rides again

Wobbly Wayne rides again
  • Reserves Coach
  • Posts: 1,696
  • Joined: 21 May 2002
In the true nature of the game we cant get everyone back until we start winning, but we need the money from large crowds or investment to get it. But we dont get investment without crowds, its a vicous circle that is hard to get out of.

If the crowds are waiting for us to get into the playoffs or push for promotion we may have a long wait.

So lets celebrate the fact that we live in such a buzzing area that has so much to do between 3 and 5 on saturday afternoon to keep them entertained rather than being at the Fleet.

offline Graham S

Graham S
  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 621
  • Joined: 18 May 2002
Thank God for Mr Wobbly. A voice of reason amongst all the hysteria.

It wasn't pretty in the 2nd half - far too much long ball, which basically meant surrendering possession, but often that happens because the other team is squeezing hard & making you rush. Let's put it in persective. Scarborough have had a pretty good run of results recently, but we murdered them for 35 minutes & should have been 3 up, before they gradually started to work themselves into the game. We've come a hell of along way since the days when I used to think pre-season targets of a top 6 finish in the Ryman were over-optimistic, that we'd inevitably have a bad run & finish 13th (about where the pundits placed us the season we won promotion.)

If we didn't have the new sponsorship behind us, I wouldn't be so sure, but with this I am certain of 2 things: we will survive this season; and we will continue to improve. Not fast enough for those people who've only seen us since we won the Ryman Championship, but we will.

Graham S

offline FleetFanatic

  • National Squad - 1st XI
  • Posts: 7,443
  • Joined: 2 Mar 2002
I've been watching from a couple of season's before the Ryman was won.

I don't expect us to be top of the conference. At the moment I wouldn't even dream of the play-offs.

However, having got to the conference, I would at least like to see us contest a match for both halves, not dominate games in the first half and repeatedly throw the game away in the 2nd.

What I would like to see is more shape to the team, less hoofing.....and above all - somebody to actually put the chances in the net. No team wins every game - but not many throw so many points away that were there for the taking.

offline Paulo GNFC

Paulo GNFC
  • First XI - Sub's Bench
  • Posts: 284
  • Joined: 13 Aug 2003
Absolutely agree with you SD.
It's not just about money (although we have a little available right now but don't seem to be using it & loan players is not the answer either) it's about 100% commitment from the team for 100% of the games. The players we have right now are good enough to attain a mid table position, we've seen what they can achieve for parts of matches. After the Daggers game there should not have been a repeat performance on Sat but this, IMO, is down to below par management & leadership throughout the team side of things. A few good results with 110% effort from the lads, especially at home, is what's needed and that will bring back some of the missing support also. Many Fleet fans, old & new, fear losing our conference status so soon after achieving it. In Sept, after the Scarbro' away game, we played some good footie and got some good results and that was with suspensions. Let's hope that style and winning ways return soon because another 30 points is a tall order for the 2nd half of this season.

Come on you Reds!!!!!!!!

offline Student Scum

Student Scum
  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 579
  • Joined: 6 Jan 2003
A voice of reason amongst all the hysteria.

I dug out a few old programmes from years bygone last night to put this current dip into perspective....

i) The joys of Spring in 1991.. a run of P7 W0 D0 L7 F1 A14 (4 of those coming at home!)
ii) Home attendances in the 200s - happy days!!
iii) The chalked-up team at the back of the Plough end bearing NO resemblance whatsoever to the typewriter printed "programme" (loosest sense of the word!) due to the constant changes in players
iv) Twice surviving relegation from the Southern Premier ONLY due to technicalities of the promoted teams' grounds not being good enough.
v) And finally, just think to our home game vs Kettering last season - now that WAS awful!

Ahhhh, I feel much better now.

offline Alan ( GNFC )

Alan ( GNFC )
  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 815
  • Joined: 17 May 2002
Ah , the memories of those chalk boards with the latest arrivals and the programme listing those that had already departed .
The Anti-legend that was Eddie McCluskey .
I would go as far as to include most of the years from 1982 to the Orient game , the odd promotion excluded .

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