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Panic Buying - why do people do it?

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7 replies to this topic

offline Ian_W

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Went to Tesco's last night and they were virtually out of fuel, then tonight garages have long queues through people panic buying...

But why?

However I agree there should be a campaign as the government is making more money each day. For them to claim they are not is tosh. Every penny the raw costs go up by they make 17.5% on top of that. Multiply that up, and it is a nice increase.

Some of the blame must lie with garages. If places like Esso & Shell in Southend can still charge 90.9p per litre (92.9 Diesel), when other local garages are £1+ Then these other garages are making extra money out of any raw fuel increases, and taking advantage. I cant beleive that those still selling at 90.9p per litre are not still making a profit. How do you know that fuel must cost £1 a litre at the moment - the cost of Brent Crude Oil is about the same as it was at the end of July.

Deep joy....

offline Moo

  • National Squad - 2nd XI
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  • Joined: 3 Mar 2005
We were going through that last week. People were afraid if they waited, they were going to have to pay a higher price. They were also afraid there would be a shortage or stoppage of gas (petrol).

I honestly think the root of the problem is the rumours that go around. We were hearing of towns that have 5 or 6 stations, but "all but one is out and they are charging $20 a gallon.." The sad part is some people were believing it. Anyone with half a brain would know that the owners of the station would be fined or jailed for price gouging. Also, common sense would tell you that instead of paying $20 a gallon, people would drive a few extra miles to the next town if necessary, to pay the $3.39 that everyone else was charging.

It isn't only fuel. It cracks me up the way people flock to the shops to buy milk, bread, etc, once they see the first snowflake. Again, instead of turning on the tv to get a weather report, they listen to the rumours of "we're supposed to get 12-24 inches tonight", when in reality, the forecast is calling for 1-3. Panic is a great thing for the retailers.

offline Stu M

Stu M
  • National Squad - 1st XI
  • Posts: 6,503
  • Joined: 17 May 2002
People are clearly twats. Stick them all together and feed them a rumour and off they go like sheep. Tossers, the lot of them - except me, obviously... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

offline Burnham Lad

Burnham Lad
  • First XI - Permanent
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  • Joined: 17 Oct 2002
The real problem is the people who part fill. Most people will wait until their tank is relatively low and then top up, either fill it up or buy as much as they can afford, until next time.

The problem seems to be, according to the guy in our local garage, some twits who as soon as they see a petrol station go in and buy enough to fill them up when their tank is two thirds or three quarters full and sometimes can only take 5 or ten litres - hence the suggestion from the government that they might stick a minimum volume to purchase on to stop these idiots.

If everybody sticks to their normal fill pattern these is no problem!

offline Martin

  • National Squad - 1st XI
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True but the rumours are obviously self fulfilling. People start to buy petrol unusually amid the rumours - other people see it and think [****!!****] it must be true and join the queue.

Yesterday I was driving home and there were massive queues at all the petrol stations causing long queues on the rest of the roads. What happens when your in a queue - you use more petrol - daft buggers.

I am not sure that I have much sympathy with those threatening blockades. I feel that if I am prepared to pay the price of fuel than I should be allowed to do so. I agree that fuel duty should be reduced but lobby the govt don't punish Joe Public.

offline Burnham Lad

Burnham Lad
  • First XI - Permanent
  • Posts: 2,008
  • Joined: 17 Oct 2002
Still like the idea of a charge of £20 or your petrol cost whichever is the higher - then the idiots filling up with 5 litres will find paying £4.00 a litre may make them think again...

offline Simon BTFC

Simon BTFC
  • National Squad - 2nd XI
  • Posts: 3,235
  • Joined: 24 Sep 2001
Went to fill up this evening, at my usual place (local Sainsbury's). Having driven past a load of closed garages on th way home I wasn't sure they'd have any, and when i drove onto a deserted forecourt I was starting to worry... No problem! They'd had a delivery in the morning, as usual, were expecting the usual delivery the next day and were laughing at the idiots who'd been queuing the previous day! Apparently they'd had a punch up between drivers at one point as well.

Now given this is the cheapest petrol for miles it just goes to show that 90% of the population are complete [****!!****].

offline Badger

  • Reserves Coach
  • Posts: 1,996
  • Joined: 10 Sep 2001
I wen tto the petrol station on Monday, but only to pump up my tyres. The forecourt was packed, maybe about 40 vehicles. Not a single one of those in the queue had switched their engine off. Fools!

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