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Lets get positive


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Lets forget this season and look to the future. It was announced last week in the NLP that the Isthmian league are about to strike a new sponsorship deal. It will include a six figure sum along with a deal with Vandanal sports wear to supply all the teams and coaches with tracksuits etc.


The five a sides are completed, and come the summer, I think they will come into their own and start earning the much needed cash we clearly need. As for work starting on the coffin end, well, we wait and see, but talk is that it will start at the end of the season. In the paper last week there was news of a deal with local schools for an after school club and the supply of computers to be located in the coffin end development. These will be available for use asan internet cafe when not being used by school children.


Last but not least we have several local derbies with Ramsgate, Dover, Folkstone, Maidstone and Tonbridge to look forward to, and if all teams are doing well, some decent crowds.


OK its been frustrating and, I believe, we really need covered accommodation for the winter months to keep the crowds coming

in, but things are not as bleak as we seem to believe.

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Well said Steve. We need unity not division. We all have concerns and there are problems. These concerns and the problems will not be dealt with by using the modern comedy store approach of cheap one liners and of having a go at people who cannot easily come out and defend themselves. The answer is to work together and help take the club(Emphasis on the word Club) to where we know it should be.

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