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todays results

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That's only half the story.


Four minutes before half time, in the middle of a hail storm and with Basildon leading 1-0, the lino on the dugout side suddenly starts hopping up and down waving his flag furiously before collapsing to the ground. He's only broke his bleedin' ankle, turning it on a divot.


The ambulance turns up within 15 minutes and the play resumes for the final 4 minutes with a replacement lino, one Eugene Yeboah-Afari!!!


Basildon's goals scored by Jordan Cox (3rd in 4 games), a Paul Talbot penalty and a Grant Allen strike.




PS. Well done Bowers!! grin

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Just heard that the lino has damaged his ligaments. No break but to be fair from experience i can tell you that is worse than a break. Sorry thing is that we have had this lino several times and he is the best on the circuit at esl level. Oh well. .....Best bit of it all was while he was on the floor screaming in pain, one of the clapton players was leaning over him belowing, because he gave a throw our way seconds before. Got to laugh. biggrininvasion

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So it was just a sprained ankle? Exactly what I said to the Paramedics (and the lino) as they stretchered him away.


Nice to know 8 years in the St John Ambulance Brigade hasn't completely gone to waste!!!

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Some odd results today. Beaumont have earned a great point, APSA have also done very well as have Mauritius.


Enfield will be really chuffed. Basildon have pulled off an excellent win in my opinion. I doubt their season next year will be anything like this seasons, good luck to 'em.

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At least the lino had the presence of mind to flag for an injury, as he is supposed to do, whilst hopping and screaming in pain before collapsing in a heap. The Hive C.F.'s comments about Cornish folk dancing coming to Essex were soon stopped when we realised the extent of the injury. Mind you, dropping the stretcher with him on it probably didn't help.


There has indeed been strange results this weekend at the lower part of the table. Whilst you can excuse Bees result as a fluke, obviously, the teams around us have suddenly started winning against teams that gubbed them earlier on. Any reason why other than end-of-season indifference on the part of their opponents?

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