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Websites - Pitch Hero - Your thoughts

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Hi guys


I think most of you know that I run the Feltham FC website. I've noticed a few clubs going over to the Pitchero sites and wondered what your thoughts were on them.


I'm torn between the nice individual style that we have at Feltham (I was going to redo it shortly) or the pitchero sites which frankly offer other non techy users the ability to make changes (especially as I don't have time always).


Let me know what you guys think (especially Bedfont Green and the Lammas who have moved across).





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I am not too keen.

I believe clubs should have their own personal website.

I do understand that this can take time and money however so the concept is a good idea re Pitchero.

They just all look the same!

Ours is a cheap option and I remember setting it up and asking what you all thought.

The only comment I got was that is was fine as long as it is updated regularly (which it is)!

Incidentally, the Sutton Cricket Club site (link below) is backed by doyourownwebsite and I think it looks superb and very professional. We do have a marketing manager who does it however.

I did suggest to the league that we did a club website of the year as wellas programme of the year. No reply received.

I would be happy to judge it impartially if the league said OK.



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Prefer the individual sites personally mate.


If everyone has the same design of website then there is no room for individuality and it becomes very boring seeing the same site, just with a different colour!



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Hi Wacko,


Pitch Hero sites are great for non-techies to update, shares the effort and improves the content. We've also had lots of compliments on the design too. There is a big advantage of not having to worry about server storage as it seems you can upload as many images and videos as you like and the PH support is helpful and efficient too. Here comes the negative aspect...We were the first CCL club to join at a time when PH were far more focused on rugby. We worked with them with sugestions of tailoring it more for footy and it's improved almost every month. However, since then there have been over a dozen CCL clubs alone joining and like CC says they all look the same! Although it's complimentary to set the trend for the other clubs the individuality of the site has been totally lost and we are looking at going back to building our own site again.


My advice to you Wacko is stick to what you are doing with Feltham's site, I personally think it's a very decent design and it gives your club an edge over the generic ones.


All the best,


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Hi Wacko


I run the Mole Valley SCR site, and I have to say, given the time etc, I would prefer to have an individual site, rather than the standard pitchero one.


We did have our own version, but the provider we used was proving less and less stable as time went by (I think in October time the site was only live for a couple of days), and so we made the move to Pitchero.


As a club we have been very happy with the service they provide, as GP says there does not appear to be a problem with server storage, and the guys there are always very helpful whenever you get a problem.


Having said that, if we could have an individual one we would, it is just a time issue.


So, if you have got the time, go for an individual one, if time is short, and you want to get your info up, then go for Pitchero



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We have had internationals on Tuesday and Wednesday...loads of talking points and issues to be discussed, and all we can muster is the colour of some hero called pitch.


What on earth is that all about.....



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Hi Wacko


We had a bespoke one at Frimley, but I never had time to update it. I don't like the packaged ones, but Pitchero looked the best as I can link it to the league and get the fixtures, results, and table updated automatically and I can update from anywhere, rather than at home as ftp is barred at work.


If you have time to do a custom one as you already do, then keep with it - I wish I could with Frimley, its just a part time job.


If you want to stat it up, you can use TPL Soccer Stats, but this requires a web server with PHP support and mysql-database access, and for custom league tables which is good if you have time top update it, https://fsa.dev.java.net/

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we had an original one for ages but it was a pain always going into dreamweaver to update and people were overwriting other peoples changes. Find the pitchero much easier to use.

Pitchero are quite flexible as well and have allowed myself and a couple of others as CCL D1 admin so we can change fixtures / kick off times as they happen. this isnt the case with other template sites. as template sites go pitchero is about as good as it gets. if you have the time and patience though stick to your own one

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