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Today's match

Fuzzy Royal

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I thought a capable North Leigh side turned up and found a Windsor team that, despite missing three key midfielders out of a squad of just 16 players, looked confident, strong and eager to score. A terrific strike from Jake, a great penalty save from Rob, a great worked finish to end Chenns goal drought (LOL) another great one on one save from Rob, a nother grreat strike from Joe and finally who thought Chenns didn't know how close that defender was behind him when he popped that last one in the back of the net?!?!? A good performance that we never looked out of control of, Leigh didn't look poor I just thought we looked better. And what a great result from Gosport, making the Truro game look bigger and bigger each week

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Jake really had a superb game today, and was clearly full of confidence after that wonder goal. Bruce and Rob also had excellent games, and of course Chenns... smile Good to see Ryan back and seemed fully recovered, too.

In fact we didn't really have any weak links today - a few defensive bobbles but given an unfamiliar setup that's not surprising. I was very impressed today.


And a decent ref, too - perhaps a bit of a stickler, but I thought he controlled the game pretty well, didn't blow too much, and I liked the way he spoke to players first and let them know what he wanted rather than just reaching for the cards.

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I thought we played really well yesterday considering we had a few missing.


Although Leigh were probably better than the 4-0 scoreline suggests. The difference between the 2 teams was the finishing and also Windsor had a bit more class. If Leigh had somebody of Chenns calibre up front you have to think the game would have been a lot closer.


Leigh actually created some really good chances to score but came up against the increasingly impressive Rob Bullivant. I'm going to stick my neck on the line here and say he's the most dependable keeper we've had down the meadow since Kevin Mitchell. I would even put him ahead of Windsor Legend Trevor Bunting!


A tough call for man of the match between Jake and Wilson. Although as normal with Windsor nowadays everybody chipped in with a good performance.




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I thought all of our goals were good strikes and we came close alot of times too. North Leigh are having the worst run of form in the league at the moment but they didnt play like that which makes our performance all the better. Next saturday is a real test but one i'm sure we'll be ready for.



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Totally agree, for a small squad it is very strong, and Totton having lost three in a row now it really is in our hands. I think Truro away is our real tester, don't lose there (and I feel we are capable of winning) and we will have to start believing. We should beat Cinderford though, our confidence is high and they are dropping away.

But a long way to go yet, Scotty said he wanted play offs at he beginning of the season, well if he doesn't get at least that there will be questions asked


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three of your first choice midfielders out

And given how well Bruce and Jake played, I think there's going to be some real competition there - if they maintain this form I'm not sure how you could leave either out. Of course we're going to need everyone in the squad and a few more for the remainder of the season, with 17 league games and two cups to play for, so it's great we have got some real strength in reserve however we cut it.
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