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FAO Sue or any avid Slough programme collector


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In a few months I hope to be leaving these shores and I have a lot of Slough programmes require a new home!


Over the years I have inherited from my father and added to myself an extensive collection, though some earlier, mainly starting from the early 70's through to now (near all collection from the 70's to about 3 years ago).


I reckon about 1500 to 2000 in 8 boxes in my mother's home who doesn't want them about after I've gone!!


I personally will not want any money for them, all I ask for is either...


1) Sue, would you like them in the clubshop and any money you decide to sell them for goes towards where ever the clubshop sales proceeds go to?


2) Any of you fans who are collectors want them in part or all (unlikely!!)??? Again all I ask if anybody does, just make a donation to the supoprters trust or like as a gesture.


Hope anybody can help, I really don't want to bin them!

Pls let me know!




P.S. I will keep the big game progs though!!

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Guest Anonymous

i think the message problem wayne might be due to the fact that you have to had posted 10 messages on the board to be able to PM people.When you have posted 10 you will find you will be able to send and recieve PMs.

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