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Poptastic Assistant Referee

Nitetime Neil

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Just been listening to Ken Bruce's "Popmaster" quiz on his Radio 2 show and one of the contestants from Dunstable mentioned he was an assistant referee - and running the line tonight at a cup match in Billericay ! Over to you Gazza...

(PS: He gave some spectacularly wrong answers!!) guitar

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Originally Posted By: Nitetime Neil
He gave some spectacularly wrong answers!!

A little harsh. I thought he did ok, quizzes are only easy if you know the answers, professionals might have been able to answer the questions, but us amateurs might struggle.

I wait to hear your attempt on Popmaster Neil.
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If this lot were deemed professional then the FA need to go back to the drawing board.


The linesmen were unable to keep up with play and guessed some of the calls, The ref (IMO) was yet again Pant's but better than some we have had.

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I thought one of the linesmen was poor tonight. Flagging for offside for 5 mintutes, the ref being too blind to see it, the lino putting his flag down, and eventually resulting in Dover getting a free kick and scoring from it.


Some decisions the ref gave were poor, but in all, was still one of the better refs we have had this season..

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