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Super Tilbs 2-0 Billericay


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The result was pretty much expected given what we were able to field - if you look back to the team that beat Wealdstone and Hastings at the start of march, then just 3 of those players were able to start in their preferred positions, one of whom went off early.


I thought that the youngsters all did OK, Frankis in particular looked sharp, and those senior players we had out all produced their usual (those that are having good seasons did well, those that aren't didn't).


Docker took time to settle in as he hadn't met his team-mates before, but he played some nice passes, would certainly say it was worth having a look at him over a run of games.


Tilbury deserved the win, but who knows what might have been had we been able to field a stronger team.

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My comments on the game are the same as everyone else. I thought we could struggle with the team we had available and thats what it turned out to be like.


For Dean Etchells and Luca Frankis to play for most of the game, as well as playing on Saturday and Sunday, just goes to show what spirit and fitness level they have got. All the youngsters done well.


Flacky done well, kept his head high even after his penalty was saved.


Their number 8(i think it was him) done well on the wing, causing us problems all through the game, I think he won their pen aswell?

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Tilbury were deserved winners, but I thought we did well with the team we were able to assemble,


Senior players, like Joe & Leon kept running all night and set a great example to the youngsters who responded well. I thought Chatting & Frankis both had their best first team games so far.


It's a shame to not make the final, but I thought last night was a long way from the "car crashes" of some of our recent defeats.


Good luck to Tilbury in the final.





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Very few chances in the game, i feel is we scored our penalty in the 1st half then it would of been a different game.

Young lads all worked hard, Harrison done very well, Blackwell seemed adament to try and take on there whole team on a few occasions. Sam West came on and put himself about and won some headers but was never going to save us the game seeing as he is a centre back who was chucked on upfront.

Flacky didnt stop running all night,just not a lot went for him, some days we get the lucky bounces etc. other we dont and last night we didnt! Good Luck to Tilbury in the final!

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It is a shame to go out of any semi-final, but well played to Tilbury - they deserved their win and you could see what it meant to them at the end. Good luck to them in the final.


We didn't have our strongest side out due to injuries and players being cup-tied, but I thought we gave a good account of ourselves on a tricky pitch. It was a tale of 2 penalties. I thought Harrison played really well, especially in the first half and is a danger down the wing and comfortable on the ball. I was also impressed with the pace and passing of new signing Jon Docker. The other youngsters did well and this experience and experience in the games to come will only help their development and confidence in time for next seasons campaign. The team, particularly the youngsters all looked gutted when Tilbury scored their second.


It'll be a tough game on Saturday against Dover, but we'll have our cup tied players back and as we've seen all season - anything can happen.

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Completely outplayed and outclassed. One shot on target (from a very dodgy penalty decision) is just not good enough against a team from lower down the pyramid, even if we do have lots of injuries.


Hopefully some of them will be back for Saturday or we could be looking at a rugby score!

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Shocking, embarassing, soul destroying.


Not interested in excuses. We were totally outplayed, outclassed and outfought by a mid table team from lower down the pyramid.

I don't blame the young lads out there last night who put in bucket loads of effort and showed real heart against a very strong team who enjoyed playing football. I once again lay the blame solely at the player management team who have left us with so little options in what was the most important game left of the season.

Every club have injuries, players cup tied and bugdet constraints but they still go on, we clearly can't.


The poor supporter turnout can only expect to dwindle as it is going to be a long hard slog till the end of the season!


Hats off to Tilbury, by far the better team with passionate fans, all the best for the final.



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The simple facts as I see it are that we have a finite, sensible budget and that budget is now smaller than it was at the start of the season and likely to be smaller again next season. That budget must be handled carefully and is a top priority if we are to remain in business.


We've had key players who have missed the entire season through injury and others injured on and off during the season, all of which, I'm guessing, have had to be paid from the budget.


Players have come and gone during the season to balance the team, balance the finances and balance the dressing room and that HAD to happen. That means that players coming in during the season run the risk of being cup tied.


The result, together with the unfortunate timing of injuries to key players such as Dormer, Wareham & Bricknell, meant that we had a smaller pool of available and eligible people to select from last night, meaning that we were not as optimum strength for such an important game.


If you look at these facts, it's easier to come to terms with last nights result even tho we would all have loved to have been involved in a cup final.


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thanks to all bilericay fans for their support shown on here for us.

we outplayed you and i cant believe we are not pushing for promotion with the team we have.

i hope we win the final now!

thanks everyone

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I'm somewhere in the middle of most comments.

It wasn't as terrible as we have seen, but it certainly wasn't good.

Although those out through injuries or being cup-tied affected us, we still had the majority of a regular-ish team.

Tucker, Dumas, Semanshia, Duncan, Marron, Hunter, Chatting, Flack and Bricknell have all been regularly in the first team squad this season.

Therefore they must be considered good enough to do a job when called upon.

Docker and Etchell were therefore the only 2 of the starting 11 that are not regulars.

There is therefore no excuse for not beating a team from a lower league, on paper.


In reality, Tilbury were a very good, composed and talented side and rode their luck in the first half (notably the penalty) to control the second half and win at a relative canter.


All players battled hard but, as a team, we are clearly just not good enough.


"I hope the management and players haven't totally given up on the play-offs now"

Is there anyone who genuinely believes the team has the ability to get in the play-offs?

My take is that we're now "preparing for next season" so now is the time to clear out the dead wood and see how the kids can do.

From what we've seen so far of Buckfield, Etchell, Chatting, Frankis and both Wests, add them to the stronger core of the current team in Dumas, Duncan, Dormer, Wareham, Flack and Bricknell, and there's the start.

I say give them a go from now and, if they're good enough, we'll be looking nice and strong for next season.

If they're not, then there is ample time to strengthen in the needed areas for next season's promotion push.


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Originally Posted By: Barry_T

"I hope the management and players haven't totally given up on the play-offs now"
Is there anyone who genuinely believes the team has the ability to get in the play-offs?
My take is that we're now "preparing for next season...."

My take is why give up on something until it is mathematically impossible, however unlikely.

And I would hope that is the take of everyone at the club.
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