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A couple of thoughts

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I'm still here.


Just busy. What's this word 'holiday', anyway?


I've tried to sell AFF Towers on the quiet but the news of the latest yuppie moving to the village has spread and sent prices through the floor. It's a disaster. A meeting is to be held in the village hall. Some people are talking about offering him a £50,000 premium before he moves in.


It's good to catch up. Great avatar things from Retarded Turtle. Has anyone kept up with new signings [Contracts or Pre-Contract Agreements]? A list would be helpful.


Long Melford F.C. Well. He's not "finished in football" yet, then. Whatever happened at Brimsdown Rovers? Did they keep the red tractor, automatic sprinkler thing, tea urn, P.A. and my pumpkin? I imagine that the share price of The Saints Inc. has soared.


Jeff Wood. Surely the best coach ever at The Park. And a really nice guy. Arlow will do very well next season. Good one about the sponsors of The Maltese Cup, GHA.


Could we see a World Cup Prediction League table on here. I couldn't go to that section of the site. Domestic rather than International, me. 64 games in 3 weeks. Too much for me to cope with.




<small>[ 28 June 2002, 06:11 AM: This message was edited by: AFF ]</small>

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Hopefully we'll get some news today about recent signings and the Campbell saga. A list of the final 18 would be useful too.


The World Cup prediction league table is as follows (first figure is games played, second is points scored):


1 HBEE 62 76

2 Charlie Farnsbarnes 62 75

3 Rob the Saint 62 75

4 G.Q. 52 73

5 Retarded Turtle 59 73

6 Webbo 60 70

7 GHA 62 68

8 trevinho (world cup name) 49 60

9 helenc 43 57

10 LsoK 50 56

11 cynic 48 49


For the full list see the table on the website.

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