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Colin Zeal EFM

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we all jump up traffic lights!
the one in the picture (review & observer) is Anthony costello, the one leading the troops across the road to battle the italians at verdis (not strictly true) is Colin Toms, put your money on him.
Colin Zeal how come you go to an Oasis gig and end up sounding like the So Solid Crew.
Was it something to do with the fact you had to stand at the side because your girlfriend doesn't like Oasis or Concerts (I won't ask the obvious question which is why was she at an Oasis concert)
Or is she just a massive black rebel motorcycle club fan

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I didn't "have" to stand at the side at all. I offered.

My girlfriend's taken a rather nasty reaction to some rather strong antibiotics, so we took her to the St Johns Ambulance to get her checked out.

She likes concerts, and she likes Oasis. She very much enjoyed the Charlatans, who were the best band there for my money. But she didn't Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, who I thought were quite good - a bit like Spiritualized.

By the way, she's seeing the doctor today, and hopefully will be on a new course of antibiotics later in the day.

Thanks for your concern anyhow!

<small>[ 08 July 2002, 02:07 PM: This message was edited by: Colin Zeal EFM ]</small>

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