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Latest from the game Vs Margate


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A great team performance from the kit man to the top.


Well done lad's on a cold dark dank night in Margate



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I know how it feels BB, with Maidstone playing tomorrow night and us not, this should give us an edge to saturdays 'big' game they lose tomorrow night and we beat them it is very simple we then leapfrog them in the table.


Amazing how a win can make everything so rosy coloured again. :brille008:


COYB :smilewinkgrin:

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Bloody hell, we actually hit 8th?


it was just a blip :smilewinkgrin:


Not the best football we have played, but we remained positive and looked to score at every opportunity with the midfield and strikers all having shots at goal.... :rockon:


If our main focus remains on scoring regardless of how technically well we're playing, then we'll be ok.


Well done the BTFC supporters who made the journey :applaus:



Note to self: must remember to pack Shoes


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Gazza, I can't get to night games away all the time i have young children to look after,if my wife is out i am in.


Perhaps you should re-read what you said, maybe this is why our support has dwindled, having someone barking at them for having another commitment and not being able to make a couple of games a season.


You should think yourself lucky i wasn't suffering a beravement of a family member or friend.

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Two places above relegation via goal difference, is this our highest placing since October/November?





I have a question myself. Would this question have been asked by someone who makes the effort to support and follow the team?






no comment due to my lack of attendance this season.....................

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