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Frome - Totton Update


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Good result for us, good result for Frome, not so good for Totton. Same again Saturday by Bridgewater please. thought Totton would have taken a few more, they are well supported at home but maybe a bit far to travel? Or maybe the Frome fans were more interested in seeing Windsor? to be honest thought the Frome game would have been of more interest, a win tonight could have given them at least a shot at second place.


Gonna be tough play offs, really hope we don't get involved in that

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It was a good, fast open game here at Frome tonight played out on a wet but good pitch. Totton took the lead but Frome equalised in the 2nd half. Both sides had a goal disallowed for off-side. To be honest you are a far better side than Totton, certainly on this showing. The crowd of 172 was good considering the weather down here ( rain, rain and more rain ) We feel that we are rapidly adjusting to this league and generally pleased with our progress so far. Good luck for the rest of he season

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On the two occasssions I have seen you this season I would say you are more than comfortable at this level and barring another exceptionally strong team dominating the league next year like us and Truro before us, I would say you should be looking for a play off next season, if not challenging for the title. Strong defensively and what looked like a good setup down there. If you get a few quality players in (maybe a playmaker in midfield and goalscorer) you will be as good as anyone.


I wonder, had us and Totton not taken such a stranglehold on the top two places(or been in the league) it could have beeen quite an open and varied title chase. Yourselves, Paulton, Bridgewater, Cirencester and even VT all looking equally strong. Please don't take offfense but I would say I don't feel the top six or so are as strong as last year, us Totton Truro Didcot and Beaconsfield from last year were I felt a step above the chasing pack this year.


But you have acquitted yourselves very well in youir first season and good luck, who knows what the lottery of the playoffs may bring and we may get to visit you again next season!! (assuming we go up, PLEASE!!!!)

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One has to guess the crowd was lower tonight due to the fact the travelling windsor fans last week boosted the numbers! Perhaps they did what the pub down the road does on a wednesday and have 2 for 1!!?


Happy with totton dropping 2 points BUT plently more twists in the tale yet. 4 point lead is all we have. Focus on that!

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Fair result on a very wet pitch. Frome looked like Bolton and the ball must have been well P'd off being hoofed up field all the time. At least we tried to play football.


I took particular note following your fan experience last week.


Nothing really to write home about, but the feral kids were again behind the goal and they were a bit mouthy but nothing outragious.

Their fans were very quiet as totton had it's loudest chap there whom outshouted anything they had so they shut up. They only started again when they equalised.

Interesting conversations heard on the 'balcony' outside the bar. One particular lady of about 40 was having terrible trouble to string a sentence together without an effing this and an effing that in it.


As for the attendance, there was only about 25 totton there I would guess and it was a miserable night.

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