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MFC vs Tonbridge Angels


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Excuse me Wellsie for butting in on this & I know you make a mention of it at the bottom end of your preview each time,but may I point out to everyone that this service is "free" , though I'm sure both Wellsie & the club itself would appreciate any donation at anytime for this first class service.

Whether you're a home supporter who lives away or an away supporter that can't make the journey, of even if you just can't be bothered to come & wish to take advantage of this "free" service, a click & a minute of your time on the link below would,I'm sure, be greatly appreciated & welcomed all round.

This way you would not only be getting a "first class" service in the comfort of your own home but also be showing your appreciation to Wellsie for his sterling effort & time put into this week after week but more importantly be helping the club at the same time.No matter how small the donation,I'm know it will be greatly appreciated & welcomed.

Many thanks to Wellsie & to YOU who might have or would wish to, make a donation whether that be small or large.




Scroll down to "donate" & click. (Only takes a minute to donate it)


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Absolutley right Cookie - all voluntary donations are always very welcome.


If you want "something back" for your donation, then contact me via the club website or PM me here for sponsorship options on GATE RADIO.

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I think it was mentioned on here last week, that if there was any rain over the weekend it could well be off. Considering the amount we had is there any Danger of that? The weather was ok Sunay afternoon and today is bright sunshine. With nothing forcast for tomorrow there must be good chance. Anyway i've bought the 5 match ticket so it HAS to be on!!!

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