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STARD week that was !!!!!!


New software installed at work and what a surprise it did not fooking work properly :chat: .............months of planning (not by me) and the company installing it could not sort out [censored]. (bunch of cnuts) Then the numpties I work with seem to forget how it works and rely on me to tell'em how to do the most simple of tasks on it :wall: ............feck off what did you do on it for the last 6 months !!!! shankers the lot of them


Test software run for months, adjusted to our needs and they install a blank piece of paper bunch of useless feckers :bartshocked:

Having to work late most night just to catch up a little bit and nearly went into but decided better of it.


AND on top of that my computor :arcadefreak: at work fooks up as well so had to use another work station which ment I could not get on here with out getting shot :discobanana:



Still I'm sure I'll get paid loads for the overtime.............my [****!!****] I will !!!!!! :smashfreakb:




Rant over..............feel better now ........NOT :help:

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Been there, Teffers !


AND .... got the 'T' Shirt.


AND .... seen the film.


AND... read the book.


:smashfreakb: :bartshocked: :coffee (2):

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