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MFC 2-1 Tooting & Mithcham


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Headlines and confirmation of line ups available now.


Match commentary, interviews with Iain O'Connell and Leroy Huggins, full stats update and match report follows tomorrow morning.

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Full match commentary and interviews with Iain O'Connell and Leroy Huggins available now.


We're having some problems with the text display on the site, so when you go into THE MATCHES pages it will look as if there are no links there. Just click next to the icons - the links are there. If we can't get them fixed quickly, I'll post the links doirect to the content here.

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Have just listened to the commentary & loved the slight adjustment by Wellsie at the end where he says "A goal for margate urrrr a win for margate".

As if A goal in its singular wasnt in itself a surprise we got 2 & a win .

A good night all round & very good commentary again as mentioned kindly on the Tooting forum.

Edited by Cookie
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In my defence, it's been so long since I last had to end the commentary by saying "a win for Margate" ;)


Glad you enjoyed it Cookie.


Yes, I saw the Tooting feedback - very pleasing. I try to be as unbiased as possible so those listening get the real picture of how the game is going.

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