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Thick Millwall Fan!!

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I'm sure some of you would've seen this but it has been talking about all across the UK and even on Five Live!!


This is quality. It's a thick as [****!!****] Millwall supporter called stuwall talking about his season ticket.


It's well worth spending a couple of minutes reading, on about page 3 or 4 the penny drops, what a thick twat! The sympathy rolls in around page 7!



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What are you getting on at now Smudgey? I have a very good life insurance thank you but I'm only worth 150k!! Shocking

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Villager not really worth a reply,but I will for the reason that LOW LIFE like you are the scourge of Internet Forums,maybe you should act your age not your SHOE SIZE.Happily married 44yrs,3 Children,10 Grandchildren,5 Great GrandChildren,maybe this will be your last post on here,I HOPE SO,NO I KNOW IT WILL BE.

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Personally Smudgie, I use 'BODGITT and RUNN' !


:coffee (2):

Edited by Big J R
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