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Bury Town 1-0 Slough Town


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Hugely frustrating very even game game where we dominated posession at times and played OK, particually the first-half but failed to create really any decent chances all match against their defence. Whereas they created three or four decent chances and took one of them - that was the difference.


Added to the fact Sutton won their game with a 89th minute penalty that was not a good day for us. Seem to have gone full circle in the fact that at the start of the season we were creating chances for fun, but could not defend and now it's the other way around in some games! We also must make more of our set pieces, they are woeful at times and since we have no Dean Clark and Tommy Hayes on the bench we don't seem to have anyone that can take a decent set-piece.


I feel that to get in the play-off's now were going to have to win four of our five remaining games, which means beating a top five side in Hitchin or Burnham which is what we've failed to do all season and that's very worrying.

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There are going to be a lot more twists and turns before this season is out...for sure..


we played very well today compared to a number our last few games..we did compete most of the game with the league leaders and our fixture was the most difficult

on paper to get a result...shame we faded a little in the second half, but it was Bury that were hanging on and were more than happy to hear the final whistle...even though the ref

blew while the ball was out of play waiting for Slough to take an important corner...


the bookings were ridiculas ..not a bad tackle in the whole match and I think there were 8 bookings in total.......... 5 for slough and 3 for bury...the game was even for most of the game..

if we can play as well as that on tuesday ..it will be game on..come on you Rebels..we can do it....


chris sliski

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since we have no Dean Clark and Tommy Hayes on the bench we don't seem to have anyone that can take a decent set-piece.



There was definitely a guy who looked like Tommy Hayes on the bench!?


Thought we played alright, but they were a stronger team with better distribution (some of our passing today was woeful)

Mo and Seeby deserve special praise as i think they were our best players.

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Bury are a very good side. I said earlier on in the season that I thought they'd win the league, and I haven't changed my mind since. I also said that Sutton Coldfield looked useful on the opening day and tipped them to make the playoffs!


We played well today in my opinion, but Bury were in no mood to let anything past them and were very strong defensively. Elliot Buchanan for example barely had a sniff. I think overall they just edged it in every area of the pitch and although we defended well too and restricted them to few chances, we had Ricky Perks to thank for making some good saves. It was the kind of close result that champions grind out.


I think our best performers on the day were Murphy, Seeby (who looked comfortable at the back), and Perks.


I have a feeling that we'll get something on Tuesday though - all is not lost despite Sutton Coldfield getting a late winner.

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Just looked at Bury's highlights of the game. Surprised no one has mentioned that it looked like a blatent hand ball by the goal scorer.



well perk's was telling the ref , but he was having none of it !


if he won by this then i am disapointed of course , but if it had been the other way round I guess my rose tinted glasses would be on ! however its the ref that needs to get these decsions right.


chris sliski

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