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Any reason

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This time last year we had 300 plus loyal followers but the numbers have dropped,we had people turn up at themedting with mw and have still not turned up despite him or the others not being in charge,the people at the club now are doing their best to keep it afloat but why (without md moaning ) is itnot being supported

I am sorry but the amount of fans who attend functions etc Is poor,it is the same old peole time and time again who support the club,I am not having a go at the majority of you but the ones who constantly comment on the cluband who are not then seen for a few months and there are many.I o

months,and bollox to the recession,that is a load of crap in an area like ours,:we played dagenham at darts tonght,football was on but still we had to borrow players,rely on gaffer who was also making everyone food as well as making sure I lostmy doubles match,all we are asking for us a bit of support even though I can be as critical as the next person

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Also I will addthat I am the first to moan about price increases and anything else i feel is wrongbut I love my club and still want to spend time there,when I think back to urchin aid and the lengths some people wentto keep this club afloat it saddens me not to see the same passion althoughit is evident fromthe atmosphere ontuesday that it is still there somewhere

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No answers from me.

Seems to be happening everywhere, though.

But if people ain't turning up, they won't know about the goind things that are happening.

Especially if fans haven't got accesss to a P C. I can only go on line at work, so from 5 on a Friday i can't read anything.

Perhaps the supporters association should budget for advertising or doing mailshots, listing events.

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