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Simplifying the forum structure

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A year ago all we had on Non League UK was forums, as a result we had a structure that gave each club or league its 'home' category and then league forums and club forums branched off from this point.


As the site has grown, this structure has become redundant and resulted in an extra step for everyone to reach the forums of a league or club, often resulting in confusion.


I am removing unnecessary levels which will bring most forums much closer to the top level of the forums, and in most cases just one click away.


In the short term you may find some links might fail, but these will be corrected.


Hopefully you will find this quicker to get to your forum and to navigate to other forums.

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That link worked OK Ian, thanks

Was getting error #10333

Was going to "Ryman", scrolling down to Margate then got error.

Error also happens on a couple of other teams. At least one is OK

Have made your link into favorites

thanks (Rams supporter):futbolbud2:


Try and show the link:


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