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tsk tsk canvey

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from the grantham message board.....

i feel i must also inject my opinion on the crowd on saturday

when i asked a club offical how many fans the east stand could

hold i was told 1100 and to what i could see there was not much

room left add that to the main stand of 500 seats and the 2

stands which hold 450 it seems to me there was just short of a

capcity crowd there for the match. but how many of those will

come back on tuesday well i can answer that possiably 450 maybe

a few more but i doubt it. the glory hunters where out force yet

again i know that some of these will be back if and when we

clinch the title and promotion to the premier league. also doing

the job i do i get to meet a lot of mangers and players from

opposing teams and i must say jeff king and his players where

some of the best i have ever met.


..its the last bit im interested in.. how could jeff and the boys let us down like this.. they all know they are supposed to be arrogant money grabbing bastards... i am shocked and disappointed that they could portray themselves as er ..well er allright blokes..its a blomming disgrace!!! shocked.gif" border="0<p>[ 04 February 2002: This message was edited by: CANV ]</p>

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Frenchy, what did happen to Mr john Crawshaw? did a few of the Canvey Boy's find out his address and pop round to pay him a visit, because he has gone quiet all of a sudden... <img src="graemlins/chat.gif" border="0" alt="chat" />

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Now that he's been given the invitation, I fear that we may have to forsake our normal pastimes and pay heed once again to the wisdom of Mr Crawshaw.

Drying paint and changing traffic lights will just have to wait while we read Mr C's viewpoint at least 10 times over.


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Couldn't agree more. What is my old friend John Crawshaw going to make of all this?<p>Jeff could have least bitten the head off someone's whippet or nailed their manager's head to a coffee table - you know, normal Park Lane behaviour.<p>What is the world coming to?

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