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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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Roman Abramovich of Non-League Football

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Did anyone buy last weeks Non-league paper and read the 2 page spread about this guy?


If the Club or Supporters Trust are looking for investment maybe its worth seeing if he would be interested? He has already put money into a number of Kent and Sussex clubs.


As the article explains:


"He'll back any club local to his largely southern based business empire, which can put up a good enough case - and are not too proud to ask.


His tally so far is a £200,000 five-year deal with . . . Crawley Town, an agreement with County League Horsham YMCA that could net them up to £95,000, a sponsorship of Go-Travel Kent hopefuls Herne Bay . . .


His sponsorship deals are not yet finished - I will help anyone he said. I tell everyone the same. I will be as involved as you want me to be - but they have to ask."


With the recent efforts by the Club to raise its profile about its financial plight, the formation of the Supporters Trust and the potential Ebbsfleet brings there must be a strong case for him to at least consider investing in the Club. As the article makes clear - if you dont ask - you dont get!

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One great big merger to form a second division team one suspects!! no not really likely - we could do with something like this as long as it was just a cash injection and not too many catches...

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