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Away games for the rest of the season

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Obviously the next two away games are crucial for us.We need minimum 3 points from both games,any less and I feel we may face an uphill struggle for the title but who knows,this league has already thrown up some wired results.

Tomorrow we go to Hendon,not an easy game but it's one we can win and the sort of game we have won all season,the same applies for Tuesday.If you are thinking of going to either make sure you do but my real point of this post is to encourage those who maybe do the odd away match or just don't travel away from home


Our remaining 4 Away fixtures are quite close






They are all within an hour or so by car or train (Horsham a bit further) but I feel we really need to be creating an atmosphere at away games like we did at Grimsby.We know the hardcore of our support isn't as large as Ricay or Lowestoft,I would say 250 compared to average gates of 400ish & 700 respectively but we make more noise than both with half the crowd.Those last 4 away games,we should be taking 100-150 fans minimum,maybe more as the season goes on,we took it to Ricay & Grimsby and this is more important so if you haven't thought about it make sure you do go to them,we should be running fans only coaches to games like these.I will probably put up coach details for the remaining fixtures once Tuesdays game is out the way,we should know more so where we stand by then and don't forget the home games,we have some real tough fixtures but as we showed against Lowestoft,we are more than a match for anyone in this league.

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