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We need some new songs...

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It seems us noisy oiks behind the goal have lost a bit of verve and imagination this season. What's happened to the 10 minute 'Andy Ford's Red & White Army' and the 'Build a Bonfire' one? That was fantastic!
Well, after many hours of excessive alcohol consumption, I've compiled a few ideas from various people/sources and came up with the following. It's also interesting to note how few terrace chants or songs do NOT contain bad language. Ooops....and please, please, please don't take them too seriously!

To 'Knees Up, Mother Brown'....

"We've got Wilkerson, we've got Wilkerson,
He's the geezer in our goal,
Go in for a tackle, he'll break your leg in half!
We got Wilko, we got Wilko,
We've got Wilkerson! Oi!!"

Lifted from an old West Ham Lampard song.To 'White Christmas'...

"I'm dreaming of a Duku header,
Just like the one at Stonebridge Road.
When the ball came over,
And Frank fell over,
And scored the ******** winning goal!!
(The winning goal!!)

" Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way.
Oh what fun it is to see
The City* lose away.
Hey!!" (repeat until bored)
*replace with current opposition's name.

To 'The First Noel'....

"Robbo*, Robbo,
Robbo, Robbo.
He is the king
Of Stonebridge Road"
*can be ,replaced by Wilko, Mooro (?!) or Jacko if he comes back!!! <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

To West Ham's 'Paulo DiCanio', it's from an opera, which one I couldn't tell you.Woking use it..."We are the Cardinals" and Stevenage as well "We've got Eldinhio"..which is crap....

"We've got Paul Wilkerson,
We've got Paul Wilkerson" etc..

A version of a very old one from the seventies..

"We're on the march with Andy's Army,
We're not going to Wemb..er..ly.
But we don't give a ****,
'Cos The Fleet are staying up,
'Cos Gravesend are the greatest football team."

We haven't heard "When the Reds (or The Fleet) go marching in" for ages either and maybe a few rounds of "Barmy Army" would get us nicely warmed up on a cold night as well. There are one or two more that could not possibly be written on this forum and would probably get us all chucked out of the ground as well!!! Anyone else with any ideas? Or we could always go back to 3 rounds of "Come on, you Reds".....

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How about, and in keeping with the recent support....

Where were you last saturday?...Where were you last saturday?

or how about

I'm Gravesend till next week...I'm Gravesend till next week.

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So here we are again, looking back at Johns songs they are rather good, it is getting near to christmas, so themed whatever people can think of. Its gonna be a great day on saturday if we can get everyone in the plough end singing.

P.S: All singing the fleet song as the boys come out.

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I've moved this thread to the general forum where more people will see it!

How about (in a blatant rip-off of 'Hey Baby'):

Hey Gravesend
I wanna know
If we'll score a goal.


I tried a band aid rip-off (which is probably [email]cr@p!)[/email] lol:

It's football time,
There's no need to be afraid
At football time,
We let in pride at the progress made

And with our team called Gravesend, we can spread the times of joy,
Throw your arms up in the air - cup fever time!

And there won't be a County win this time
The greatest gift they'll get this year is to survive
Where no credit's ever due
We're on the verge of something new
Do they know it's cup fever time again?

Giant kill!
Let them know we're GNFC!
Giant kill!
Let them know we're GNFC!

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Got the bug for creating [email]cr@p[/email] songs now!

To the tune of The Beatles 'All We Need Is Love':

Andy doesn't shop in the Premier League,
We normally make do with a player on a free,
Nothing we can say but they can learn,
It's easy.

Goals that can be made that we will score,
Shots to be saved that Wilko will save.
Not always easy but we have learnt,
How to cheer the team each time,
It's easy.

All we need are cheers, all we need are cheers
All we need are cheers, cheers,
The Fleet are all we need.

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