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Richard C

Andy Ford

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I think its about time we praised him when he gets things spot on! From the radio coverage it sounds as if we were hardly troubled at the back and scoring from three crosses is simply fantastic turn around. Andy hgad nothing but praise for Drury and the entire team from the radio report and admitted finding it hard to find the rightful place for Drury up until now. I presume he played just behind the front man and created lots.


A great decision to play one up top with fresh legs and have the 3 key attacking midfielders in the same side, ie: Owen, Drury, Walshie, well done Andy a decision well made.

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Alan W (GNFC) said:
I somehow think that the previous comment from Paolo was said tongue in cheek - hence the smilies at the end !!

Obviously..... but hey..... I managed to leave it open for a pointless post from you! <img src="/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

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