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Wilson makes pitch changes at Nuneaton

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Kevin Wilson, the new manager of Nuneaton Town, who were relegated from the Vanarama Conference, has decided the current pitch at Liberty Way is not big enough.

He has instructed Boro's dedicated team of groundsmen to turn back the clock to the first season at the ground.

Instead of the pitch being 100 metres long, as it was during the 2014/15 campaign, it will be 111 metres from goal to goal.

It is not just fans behind the goal who will be getting closer to the action, fans on the sides of the pitch will be closer too as the pitch will be two metres wider at seventy metres.

Wilson is aiming to build an energetic and athletic team and will be coaching them to play an expansive game. Wilson said: “I want my players to pass the ball around, exploit the space and play with width.

“That style can be very exciting to watch and suits a bigger playing surface. It also brings the crowd closer to the pitch which should improve the atmosphere and fan experience.

“I know how I want to set my team up and I’ll let the opposition worry about us and our game.”
Source: www.footballconference.co.uk

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