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Amnesia Lane

Tom S

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An EFC team photo from 1992 or thereabouts, I think shortly after Eddie McCluskey's return as manager and Carl Richards' return as a player


A few faces I can't put names to.


Back row: Fred Donnelly, Mike Banks, Curtis Warmington, Unknown 1, Nick Francis. Carl Richards, Leigh Hawkes (or is it Kingsley Banks?), Mark McCutcheon, Dave Flemming (I think), Paul Turner, Paul Brush, Martin Robinson, Mark Keen, Dave Jones, Eddie McCluskey


Front row: Gary Britnell, Tony Vance, Marc Salmon. Graham Westley, Erskine Smart, Tommy Mason, Unknown 2, Unknown 3, Alan Hull, Mark Kane




Any suggestions?


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Goalkeeper is Stuart Horne.  Alan Hull didn't join until the summer of 1992 but, confusingly, Martin Robinson and Mark McCutcheon had both left!  Need to do a bit of research on this one

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