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The Town Crier

yesterday V Burges Hill

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One of yesterdays themes was our lack of budget this season.

For the record, with the exception of our short tour season of south of England our playing budget for the past 6 seasons has been pretty stable. In fact we have spent 15% more this season so far than we did last season.


Its next season that  more will be spent on repairs.... but if that gap can be bridged then our football spend will remain constant for another year. And if the club not only bridges the gap, but increases income beyond the expected, then there will be more team money available.


We keep it really simple, all of our income goes in a big jar marked Billeicay, 1st we dip in and pay our bills, and whatever is  left we spend on football.

The only difference next season is we will dip it for a bit more maintenance money, and I've  hidden the other jar marked household living expenses.


Obviously the big jar is a bank but that's how it works. If clubs spend on football before paying bills then things become very difficult. 


V Burgess Hill??...not pretty, I was disappointed with the players tbh, because first and foremost we are an entertainment venue, and to my mind,  they should at the very least have been  showcasing themselves for places next season. A few weeks ago the same players put on a great show  v Dulwich.

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