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Steve West

Uncle Urchin

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Steve could well play again this season if all goes according to plan...he's pissed off but okay...Steves a strong fit lad and I reckon we'll see him again in the urchin shirt before May...now good news...


on Monday GB and GC signed a new centre back from a leading conference club...GB had been after the player for several weeks and a deal was concluded..subject to the results of a medical...late Monday evening...


the signing was obviously nothing to do with SW's injury but part of a longer term plan..obviously somewhat fortunate timing given last nights incident...


get well soon westie...we need you...


all being well we shall make an announcement tommorrow and the new player will take his place on Saturday

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That's good and bad news there Unc. Gutted to lose Westy, no matter for how long he may or may not be out for. Player of the season so far in my book! Lets hope his recovery is a short and trouble free one. Lets also hope that the new signing all goes through smoothly and we can welcome him on Saturday at Hayes!

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We would like to wish him well from Table-One, despite the general opinion fo your club (which was poor).


I don't think i have ever heard someone being boo-ed when he is in an ambulance before, needless to say the coward wouldn't own up to it, but personally i think that combined with George 'One Ball' Borg's antics sours the name of Hornchurch FC.

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Doesn't sound like sour grapes, we could tell your guy West was badly hurt and applauded him off, bit of sportsmanship doesn't go amiss. I was at the other end from the ambulance, don't know if your fans booed it or not, but it's quite sick if you did, as is the fact that the little kids at your ground seemed to take great amusement from the fact one of our players died earlier this year. Don't know where you got 6 fans from either, we were just spread round the ground. Hope to see you in Kingston.


Anyway, taken from K's Web:


Secretary Graham Richards reports:


I have spoken to Craig this morning and he sustained a very deep two inch square hole in his leg last night after the late two footed studs up tackle on him, which connected on his thighs. The hospital could only put three stitches in but cleaned the wound out and have put him on a course of antibiotics. I have passed on the very best wishes of everybody at the club to him and all being well he will be coming to watch us against Maidenhead United this Saturday.



Good luck to both players in making a speedy recovery.


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Table-one, I'm a bit concerned about your first comment:


"We would like to wish him well from Table-One, despite the general opinion fo your club (which was poor).


Can you explain what you mean by this as I think you will find we all care about Westy and not forgeting your lad as well. The statement you have made is a load of bollox.

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It's very unfortunate that Steve West sustained a bad injury, and I hope this laughing business was taken out of context, but to claim it was a foul (and hence to try and place blame) is wrong - Chris Nurse went in for the ball, got there first and even PLAYED the ball before the collision. If anything, sometimes what happens is that if you don't go in for a challenge holding something back you're more likely to pick up an injury, and West was certainly second in there for that challenge.


Anyway, regardless of these debates, the most important thing is a speedy recovery to both injured players and that is all I wish for. A bit of grace does no harm, and cutting short our two-sided slanging match with George Borg, we could see West was hurt and applauded him coming off the pitch and then again heading towards the tunnel.

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I shall be reviewing the video of the game with great care...


I sincerely hope that the comments posted on the Kingstonian forum and repeated on here about a ''two footed studs up tackle'' are correct.....


a very poor post and totally out of order at this moment...the video will show what happened and I think that silence in relation to that incident is a better option from Kingstonian and Urchin supporters now that the allegation has been aired publicly...


good luck and get well soon to both players...



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'Also a comment on Lee Matthews. If it is true i really can't believe it. He is one of our best players and atleast if your going to sell him get more than 20k. I can see all this money being put in for one bid. But if he goes which i will be very sad to see him leave. I will start to have doubts over Garry Hill again. Only if replacements are brought in i can see his motive behind it.'


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