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Despite being a left wing pinko (apparently) I would like to see the death penalty brought back, although I do quite like the idea of Huntly spending the rest of his life in a prison that is aptly named "monster house", every single day he is in there will be a living hell for him and I'm glad.

If the jury managed to sit it out for another day his life would of meant life as that law came in today. However the tariff will be set by the home secretery and as in high profile cases like the Sarah Payne murder he'll have to serve at least 50yrs I think, of course to be eligable for release he has to admit he did it first.


As for the tories winning the next election on the back of the death penalty, I think far too many people will be worring about themselves and not something that will probably never affect them. I should imagine a few more votes in Soham would be on the cards though.

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to quote someone else...



If Hindley and Brady HAD been executed theyd have cheated justice. Let them do their punishment first THEN die.

Weve all got a death sentence why give them theirs just when theyve had everything taken from them.

Huntley will never be free.

Its the not the Huntleys of this world that matter. Its the ones that get 5 yrs for raping babies and kiddies that need to be dealt with. You dont know them I dont know them and theyre coming out to reoffend very very soon.

The death penalty arguments a red herring.


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